be funny jessica alba

How to Be Funny – Make Girls Laugh w/o Being a Clown

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How to Be Funny – Make Girls Laugh Without Being a Clown

be funny jessica alba

When you ask a girl what she likes in a man, the most common reply you will hear is “A sense of humor.” This is true, however, what they don’t tell you is that it has to be the RIGHT TYPE of humor. This is the reason for this guide on how to be funny.

When I watch other people try to get a girl, one of the most common mistakes I see guys make is thinking that by simply making her laugh that they have gotten themselves closer to a relationship with her. When in reality, they may have pushed themselves even further from that goal.

In this post you will learn how to be funny in an attractive way. Most guys don’t understand this and find themselves entertaining the girl and acting like their own personal clown. This is the last thing you want to do.

The following is from a chapter of my book The Perfect Conversation: Win Any Girls With Words. You will learn basically every type of attractive humor you can use with women. This is the type of humor that separates the comedians from the Don Juans. If you read and apply the following information, you WILL have girls swooning over you.


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How to Be Funny – Teasing

The first part of how to be funny that I talk about in the book is teasing. This should be the humor that you practice the most because it is the most effective type of humor with women.


The second most important way to build attraction is a completely different tactic and is one of the most powerful tools in building attraction in the moment. This tactic is teasing.

Teasing will do many positive things at once. It will show you are there to enjoy yourself and have fun… attractive. It will show you are not afraid to offend her and lose her… attractive. It will knock an attractive girl off her pedestal that so many other guys have put her on… attractive. And, it will most likely trigger a psychological anchor of a big brother or older guy she looked up to that teased her and transfer some of their status to you… also attractive.

A guy who cannot tease is a guy who cannot get close to reaching his full potential with women. It is that important. It is one thing you never want to forget to do in any interaction with a girl.

However, you can very easily over-tease a girl. This will make you come off as a dick and, if she only feels teased while she is with you, she won’t be enjoying herself. To prevent this and bring in positive emotions mixed in with teasing there is a tactic called Push pull.


 How to be funny – Push pull

Push pull is something you may have heard about. It’s key to understand this concept while teasing women.

Push pull

Push pull is something that needs to be used with teasing because if you don’t, you will come off as a dick.

The idea of Push Pull is to tease her, maybe make her feel a bit self-conscious, then to say something sweet. After teasing her, it is actually the ideal time to compliment a girl. For example:

“That is so true my little munchkin.”

“Hey I’m not that short.” She may reply.

“Don’t worry little munchkin, it’s cute. You can pull it off.” You respond with a smile.

Here, you have teased her and made her feel a little self-conscious. After that you repair the damage by telling her why it’s ok or why it’s attractive. You compliment her, but at the same time you don’t put her on a pedestal because you just teased her because of it. This how push pull can help you be funny without offending the girl.


How to be funny – Body language

Having the right body language while teasing is imperative. If you say the exact same statement with different body language it will mean something completely different.

Body language to use while teasing – While teasing a girl it is imperative that you have the right body language while saying it. For example, if a girl is wearing really fluffy boots, you can say:

“Are those bunny rabbits on your feet?”

Now imagine one situation where you say it with a smile on your face. It will come off as funny and that you are just being fun.

If you say the exact same thing with a scowl on your face, or with a neutral expression and never smile, she will wonder if you are serious, or simply believe you are serious and start to feel really uncomfortable.

That’s actually a tactic many comedians use when making jokes. It’s funnier to people watching when the comedian has a straight face, but to the person being teased it makes it much worse. Remember to always smile when teasing.

There is, however, a way you can use that body language tactic in a very powerful way while teasing. The idea is to say the tease with a straight face as you stare at her, then, slowly let a smile grow on your face. You will notice a smile will slowly grow on her face as well as she realizes you are joking. Just be careful not to wait too long before showing your smile. You want to show it during the awkward silence when she is thinking “Did he really just say that?”


How to be funny – What to tease her about

If you aren’t used to teasing, it may be hard at first to find the right things to tease her about. In my book I show a quick guide on how to find these things and what to say about them.

Finding things to tease about

When looking to tease her, it’s best to try to find any small flaw to tease her about, even if it’s only a flaw from one point of view. You could even tease her from the point of view of an Amish person about how many phones she has.

When looking for small flaws to tease her about, you don’t want to hit on something she is completely insecure about. The idea is that it’s something that won’t make her feel like crap. You can tease her about something that is only bad from your point of view, laughing and poking fun at it. Here are some examples:

How she speaks – You can find a wealth of things to tease a girl about in how she speaks.

If a girl can’t stop saying “like”; you can reply to what she said while throwing in a ridiculously exaggerated amount of likes. When she asks why you are saying it so much, you can reply “Oh, I’m just trying to vibe with you.”

If a girl has an accent, you may notice a word or two that she says that you can tease her about. “Ah I love how you say Basketball, it’s cute.” You say while laughing.

On the other hand, if she has a speech impediment or something like that, you probably don’t want to tease her about it because it’s something that could have caused her a lot of emotional pain throughout her life.

How she looks – How she looks covers anything from her natural features, how she wears her hair, to the articles of clothing she has on. There are many things that women wear that you can tease them about in a fun way.

She may be wearing ear rings that have feathers in them; you can tease her about looking like a peacock.

She may be wearing really tight clothes; you can tease her for shopping in a kid’s store.

She may be wearing bright colors; you can tease her by saying you aren’t able to look straight at her because the colors are so bright.

She may be wearing very high heels; you can accuse her of being an assassin, saying that the only reason for heels like that is to use as a weapon.

You get the idea. There are endless possibilities where you can go with teasing a girl about how she looks.

What she tells you – You can use almost any information she gives you to tease her. Here are some examples:

If she tells you she is a teacher, you say something like “Oh. Poor kids.”

“What? Why?” she will wonder.

You can reply “Oh no reason, with a smile.”

If she tells you she is a runner; you can reply “You know that makes sense, you seem bouncy.”

If she tells you she goes to the gym; you can reply “Yeah I noticed. I was going to rob you, but then I saw those guns… and I didn’t have a death wish.” It’s a tease because no girl wants to be seen as stronger than a guy, it’s not feminine.

Teases don’t necessarily have to be really clever or witty, so you don’t have to over think them, just have fun with them. These will be funny in a way that isn’t needy.


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How to be funny – Do it in an ATTRACTIVE way

There are many different ways to be funny; there are attractive ways and their are unattractive ways. Here, I show you what these types are that you should stay away from.

Being funny in an attractive way

There is an un-attractive way to be funny, for example weird or dry humor. It’s still funny, but not in a way that will make you more attractive and where there are ways to be funny in an attractive way, it’s better to focus on those types of humor. Here, you will learn how to do that.

First, we will start off with the types of humor that you want to stay away from.

What not to do – Self depreciation

It’s not a bad idea to accept you made a mistake and laugh about it, but if you are making that a habit it will come off as very unattractive. Many comedians make their living off of these; it will make girls laugh, but it will also kill attraction.

What not to do – Weird and Outrageous

The kid at school who ate the worm made EVERYBODY laugh, but it sure didn’t make him more popular. Many guys use humor in a similar way but to a lesser extent. It may get a laugh, but it will make them seem unattractive. Just like anything else, it’s not the worst thing to do something like this every once in a while, but if you make it a habit or a foundation of your humor, she will start to see you as weird.

The guy who does funny accents is going to be seen as less attractive than the guy who did a funny accent. Clowns are funny, but how many girls want to say their boyfriend is a clown? Don’t be afraid to use these types of humor, just be afraid to use them too often.


How to be funny – Sarcasm

Using sarcasm is a double edged sword, however, it should still be in your humor repertoire.


Sarcasm is a mix between what not to do and what to do. It can be seen as attractive because it is ballsy and challenging and it mixes in some humor. However, it is usually negative.

Nobody likes that person who is sarcastic all the time. The person who uses it every once in a while, however, will get a laugh.

How to be funny – Exaggerating

Exaggerating is an easy way to get a quick laugh from a girl in any situation.


One of the best ways to be funny, in a good way and in almost any situation is simply to exaggerate.

If she says “You’re not a bad driver.” You can respond with “I’m a part time Nascar driver, no big deal.”

“Hey, I haven’t seen you in years!” You can say to a girl that you saw a couple days earlier.

It’s one of the easiest possible ways to be funny and you can use it in almost any situation.


How to be funny – Taking her words out of context

Taking her words out of context is a witty way to be funny. This takes a little more thought, but is very effective.

Taking her words out of context

There are many ways to do this, but the idea is that you purposely take what she meant to say and understand it in a completely different way.

“I’m ready to hit the hay.” She says. You respond with “What are you a farmer?”

After talking about how you want to go to a local lake, she says “Let’s do it.” You can respond with “Woah, woah, woah. I just met you; you have to wine and dine me first.”

Double Meanings

Double meanings are another situational type of humor.

You could say “I have a pet snake.”

“Really?” She replies.

“Yeah, you want to pet it some time?” with a smirk.

“What? Ew.”

“Oh I know what you’re thinking. I really do have a pet snake; get your mind of the gutter.” You say with a smile. “And I thought you were a good girl…”

It’s very important to say things like this with a fun vibe. You don’t want her at any point to think you really want her to come to your house and pet your snake. Be careful not to get stuck on only making sexual humor, but using it from time to time is not a problem, actually, it’s a good way to make you seem more sexual.


How to be funny – Cocky and funny

Cocky and funny is something that has always worked really well for me. Mixing the two is a deadly combination.

Cocky and Funny

This is one of my favorite types of humor because it raises your value while simultaneously being fun. The idea of cocky and funny is to say something completely arrogant, but at the same time it’s not arrogant because you are saying it in a funny way. You are disguising that you’re bragging by turning it into a joke. You want to, however, have bits of truth in there to make her think “Oh he’s right.”

Here are some cocky and funny lines I like to use:

If you are talking about a dirty subject you can bring up sperm and say “I don’t like to think of mine as sperm, I like to think of it as millions of tall, handsome, intelligent babies swimming inside my testicles”

If she has you do anything masculine, like get something from the top shelf or open a can for her, make sure to show some cocky and funny by kissing your biceps.

If you are eating or drinking anything and she asks you what it is you can reply with “You can’t tell anybody my secret, but every day I drink this magical handsome serum. That’s where these good looks come from, but don’t tell anybody or the secret will get out and I will lose my advantage.”

“Oh, you should wear a condom, I don’t want to get pregnant” You can reply with “Tall, handsome, smart, charming and athletic babies…. you are right… that would be the worst.” You want to essentially just list off your positive qualities. However, I would suggest still wearing the condom.

“Hey, you’re pretty good looking. You know the thing about good looking people? People don’t like us.”

“Do you think you can figure this out?” After figuring it out you can say “Yeah, I may be the smartest guy on the planet… just saying.” You add with a smirk.

The idea is to say these things about something positive about you, whether you are smart, well-travelled, experienced, tall, handsome, or any number of things. All the while turning it into humor and laughing about it so it won’t seem like you are bragging.


How to be funny – Gullible humor

Gullible humor is a great way to make girls laugh.

Gullible humor

Gullible humor is almost another form of teasing. The idea is that you tell her something about yourself that isn’t true. You want for it to be ridiculous, but not ridiculous enough that nobody would believe it.

For Example:

You could be talking with a girl and she could ask you if you do some hobby. You can reply

“No, I can’t do that, I’m Amish.”

She may be taken aback and accept it. You can then continue talking about it. If she still believes you the idea is to slowly get more and more outrageous until she won’t believe it anymore.

“Oh really you are?”

“Yeah, it’s really tough spending all day working on the farm, but it feels good to do all that hard work.”

“I bet.”

“I can accept that I don’t need technology.” As you take out your phone.

“What are you doing?”

“Checking my Facebook page.” You reply.

“I thought you can’t use things like that?”

“Oh this is a special water powered phone. These are OK.” You say with a smile.

At this point she shouldn’t believe you anymore and should feel a little embarrassed to have believed you in the first place. She should start laughing and her attraction for you will increase.

Another example of gullible humor:

“What are you looking at?” She asks you as you stare behind her in the distance.

“I think that cat has wings…”

“What?” She turns back to look, then realizes how ridiculous it sounds and turns back to you as you are laughing or smiling. “A cute, little angel cat.”

You want to make sure you use gullible humor in a fun way. You are teasing her about being gullible essentially.

All gullible humor is, is a ridiculous lie. It’s not really a lie since the idea is that it’s so ridiculous she couldn’t possibly believe it. It’s a good go-to humor that you can use at almost any part of a conversation.


How to be funny – The bait and withhold

The bait and withhold is one of my favorite things to do with girls. You can turn a boring conversation into a fun one in minutes by using this.

The bait and withhold

The bait and withhold plays on teasing mixed with piquing her curiosity. You want to mention something you thought about her. Then, since she will clearly want to know what it is, you either don’t tell her or you hold out and make her work for it.

This is one of my favorite things to use. I have used it a lot while traveling, because I will sometimes answer the phone and speak English while I’m with her. I will mention her name and start talking about her. Even though she doesn’t know what you are saying, she will know you are talking about her. She will ask:

“Were you talking about me?”

“Yeah, I was a bit.”

“What did you say?”

“Well I was telling him what I thought about you.” you reply.

“Oh, what did you say you thought about me?”

“Hmmm you know it’s weird, I’ve already forgotten.” you say with a smile.

“Liar! Tell me! I really want to know.” She might tell you with puppy eyes.

“Tell you what? Oh right. I said ‘The weather here is really good.’”

“Noooooooo. That’s not what you said.”

“Ok, Ok. I will tell you half of what I told him about you. Ok?”

“Ok.” She will pretty much always agree.

“Well I told him you seemed nice and what is really interesting was that you are very… Oh I guess that’s half.” Tell her a little bit then, when you get to a part that is really interesting and just as you are about to tell her what it is, you stop and say “That is half.”

“Nooooooooooooo.” She will reply laughing.

“I will tell you the next half, once we get to the mall.” She will probably continue asking you about the second half, you can continue teasing and playing with her until you feel the fun has started to go from it. Then you can tell her what you said.

You can use this in many other ways as well. You can just simply start saying something about her.

“You know it’s pretty amazing, when I look at you I see… Oh never mind.”

“What?!” She replies.

“I shouldn’t say.”

From there you can continue on just like in the previous example. The bait and withhold is a fun way to spike her curiosity and get her begging for you to give her the information. I have had girls even offer deals like “Oh, well… I will do ANYTHING for you if you tell me.” You may not want to take them up on that offer as it could be a test; you can turn that into you saying. “I don’t know… it’s pretty valuable information. I can’t give it up so easily.” This is a great way to be funny in a teasing type of way. Have fun with it and she will too.



The book goes on to talk more about making girls laugh in this chapter, but I think this will give you an excellent idea about how to be funny in an attractive way.


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How to be Funny the Right Way

Now that you have read this you should be able to notice when you are her personal entertainer or clown. Turn that around on her and let her know that you are not being funny for her, you are being funny for you. You are hanging out with her to enjoy life, not to juggle balls for her entertainment and this should be clear in every joke.

When you read a normal guide on how to be funny, you will read that you shouldn’t laugh at your own jokes, but this is terrible advice. If you are genuinely laughing, it means that you said these jokes for your own entertainment and not for hers; this is very sexy to women.

Being funny the right way is such an important part of creating attraction with a woman that I would recommend reading this post a few times for anybody that is serious about getting  good with women.


Would you like to read more?

This information on how to be funny was taken from a chapter of my book: The Perfect Conversation. If you would like to read more, you can get the book here.

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