BKK Invasion so far

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Ok, so it’s like this;

When I stepped off the plane I was exhausted. The almost 7 hours trip from Narita Japan was awful. I had to fly standby and it was actually sold out. I don’t know how I got on it but the little girl behind the counter was typing forever, then told me to go over to this other counter and another girl did more typing and I got a ticket. That was a huge break because I would have had to wait 14 more hours until the next morning to fly out. The seat I got was E20, I was in the middle and there was no fan. I was sweating for the whole flight. My knees were jammed up against the seat in front of me. I don’t want to sound like a pussy but I was miserable after that business class flight.

After stepping off the plane I took my time. Read some screen shots from this thread to remember what to do. There was a line that said “taxi” with girls behind the counter saying “You need taxi??”. I said yes, I thought this was the line where you got one. I told her my hotel and she quoted me 1400 baht. WTF? Hell no it wasn’t the taxi line, it was really a “limo” service scamming people. So right off the bat the forum saved me.

I found the taxi line outside, got one and the driver tried to keep the meter off “turn it on” I pointed and he did. It cost about 450 with the 50 baht charge.

Since I didn’t know when I was arriving because of my standby status I didn’t book anything on agoda and when I got to the first place they didn’t have an rooms. By this time it’s 1:30am The front desk girl let me use her computer so I booked the closest hotel I could find which was still kind of a walk away and the closest check in date was the 2 days away. I dragged my 3 bags over and was able to check in even though there was confusion about whether I had a reservation or not. I played dumb and said someone else made it and I thought it was for that day. Anyway long story short, I talked the guy into extending the agoda rate and they charged me for a half day.

I was beat and my electronics were all dead. I crashed out and figured out that I could have just plugged my phone and comp in the walls that next morning when I woke up 5 hours later or whatever.

Oh side note, I found a 711 in the airport and bought a sim there. dtac. The other booths were total ripoffs. Again, thanks to the forum I knew it was bad prices.

The next day I made plans for a girl to come see me at 3pm. She says she’s physiotherapist. Cute body, pretty face. We ate lunch where I had the best pad thai of my life in my hotel. Even she said it was amazing. I’d gamed her for a few weeks so she was raring to go. We went up to my room and I plowed her out several times and passed out from jet lag. So achievement unlocked for the golden touchdown.

I flaked on 2 more girls from sleeping and rescheduled one for later that evening.

The first girl didn’t want to leave which was annoying but finally I got her to go.

I met the 2nd girl around 9 on Khao San Road. I didn’t like the place at all and I was kind of pissed I had to take a taxi there but I really wanted to meet this girl. She looks like an Anime character to me. When I got there it was her and two friends and I was even more pissed. All the dirty ass farangs walking around werent’ helping either. God what a bunch of backpacking scum bags. I’m embarrassed to be associated with them.

The girls ended up paying for my beer, then paying for me to get into two clubs (last one was insomnia) they said they wanted me to have the experience. Whatever.

I ended up banging her within 12 hours of the other girl but not within the first 24 hours off the plane. We stayed out all night and I had a great time. I was very disappointed to see she had stretch marks on her stomach on an otherwise very cute little body. When I asked her about a kid she denied it. O…..kay….

I slept till something like 5 pm and finally woke up. I made plans to meet Rionomad for dinner so we took a tuk tuk to the BTS where I said goodbye. She’s cool and wants to help me find and apt but I don’t really have any interest in seeing her again.

Caught up with Rio over food and beer and also got two pretty cute girls numbers in the food market where we ate. I’m meeting one for lunch today (valentine’s) and the other is going out of town but will be back in a week.

Walked back to my hotel and passed out till 6am. I am sleeping like a hibernating bear.

And that’s the story thus far.

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