Banging 30 Filipino Girls in 3 weeks

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Filipino Girls

This week I got this reader mail that just warmed my heart. On of our readers put our Philippines guide to the test:

  • Online game with FilipinoCupid
  • Perfect logistics
  • Cut the crap & don’t waste time
  • Strong frame and guidance

Applying these steps he literally destroyed it there.

Succes story of the Month: 30 filipino girls in 18 days

Reader Mail: 30 Filipino Girls

Hello.  I want to personally thank you, 20Nation, and Fisto for all your guidance.  I have just returned from the Philippines and had the best time of my life, ever.  omg omg.

  • 30 filipino girls in 18 days (full month cunt hunt)
  • 4 women in 24hrs
  • lay within 7 hours of landing in the country
  • back-to-back v-cards, on two separate occasions, with a total of 5 V’s
  • youngest 19 and oldest 27
I worked really hard to make it happen.  Pipelining 3 months in advance on DIA and FilipinoCupid.  I also scheduled dates tight and ensured that my logistics were solid at each locale.  I got ripped and dressed well most of the time.  I also had to deny most of the maintenance bangs to achieve the numbers, which broke my heart.  LMR was either non-existent, or trivial at best, which made me feel indestructible.
  • never got a tan because I was always in my bedroom
  • never got to see much of the country because I was always in my bedroom
  • nearly destroyed my friendship with my buddy, as he did no pipelining and I was killing it (extremely pissed off at my success)
  • no chick was an 8 or above
  • had at least 4 charity bangs (fat and/or unattractive)
  • I fell in love with each girl, except the charity bangs lol
  • washing sheets all the time because of V’s or because of chicks on their period.  Blood is a mutherfucker of a stain
  • 100% of bangs were pipelined, so not too proud of laziness, and lost the chance to game with my buddy
  • broke the hearts of many girls, and lied my ass off to the V’s.  To this day, these girls are waiting for my return for relationship or marriage.  I feel like I’m going to Hell, but many could be lying to me.
Other than that, I can’t believe my good fortune and I couldn’t have done it without you guys.  I am truly grateful for your advice.

Pipelining Filipino girls

This shows the power of pipelining and online dating in the Philippines. Filipino girls are all over these online dating websites.

If you are a good looking dude with medium game, follow the guide and you won’t have to figure anything out, you can just focus on improving your game.

It’s still a lot of work and it takes a high drive to go all in like that, but smashing this volume of women in a short period of time will teach you a lot about women.

  • You will start to see all the little patterns in their behaviors date after date
  • It will bring your LMR skills to the next level, if you messed up you can change your approach the next day or even a few hours later
  • Optimize your stories & questions, you’ll be telling the same stories a LOT of times.
  • It definitely will knock women of their pedestals, I bet every single one of them had in their profile “looking for a serious relationship” / “No players!”
  • You will get a good eye for girl’s tricks to make them self look way hotter online then they are in real life.

Meeting up with an unexpected ugly chick is not a nice experience. It happened a few times to me when I was doing online game at a very high intensity. The first one I felt bad for her, she came all the way to see me, so I did the walk of shame and had one drink with her. I made sure I was sitting WAY in the BACK of the coffee shop, avoiding the wondering looks of much cuter girls passing by: horrible.

The next time it happened I just said “You don’t look like your pictures, bye” turned around and walked off. Rude perhaps, but she shouldn’t have been cheating with her  profile pics  from 4 years ago in that ONE angle she looks decent.

If your game level is below medium (you still have a couple of sticking points), it’s hard to tell how well you will do. You can probably get a decent amount of dates but your SNL rate will be considerably lower. Filipino girls are obedient, but if they sense weakness they will push you in the provider frame and make you wait for sex. Still, if you work hard to get those dates lined up, you will learn a TON and your game will improve.

Anyway, props S and we really appreciate your feedback!

Tip of the week:

Curious for the quality of Filipino girls? You can now create a FREE PROFILE on and search for Manila or Cebu, ages 18 to 23  😉

We appreciate all your feedback, you can always use the contact form our the comments section down below.

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