key logger infidelity

Avoiding Infidelity: A key logger might have found me the perfect girl

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Avoiding Infidelity: A key logger might have found me the perfect girl

key logger infidelity

As most of you know, I wrote a book Called The Key Logger (You can check it out here). In this book, I wrote about 12 relationships in which I used a key logger to get Facebook and other passwords from the girls to see if they had been being completely honest with me. I learned about the deceptive nature of women and how they always tried to seem more innocent than they really were. They would have a very surprising number of guys messaging them, of which of course they would lie. The purpose of this book was to show my experiences and teach other guys how to avoid infidelity in their girls.

From the dozens girls if have key logged, I have never found one girl that was completely honest with me. I haven’t only key logged the 12 girls from the book and think… I have used key loggers for many years.


A special snowflake?

The other day, I key logged a girl that I have been dating for quite some time. What I found was my most surprising discovery to date…

She told me the truth… about EVERYTHING. If you follow me on twitter, you may have already heard about it.

In 5 years of using a key logger, I have never seen anything like this. Every single guy that messaged her, every single little flirt… she had already told me about. Every beta orbiter, every strange guy that added her and every single old friend that decided to poor out his feelings to her… she had already told me.

Reading through her messages on Facebook and checking out her messages on her phone was so perfectly aligned with everything she had told me, it almost felt like a lie. After key logging so many girls and seeing their normal behavior of lies, this show of perfect honesty seemed… outrageous.

I looked everything over closely, trying to find a lie, but I found not a hint of dishonesty or deception. I looked over her messages carefully to see if some had been erased, but I found no evidence.

It made me realize that I had found a special girl.


What to look for to avoid infidelity

The last part of my book, The Key Logger, talks about what things you should look for in a girl if you don’t want to be worrying about infidelity. Every single thing that I recommended in that book, are true of this girl.

0 to 2 previous sexual partners: Check… virgin

Many other things that I talked about in there described this girl as well.

I used to believe that no man needs to use a key logger on his girl if he knows the nature of women. But now… after seeing what I saw… I wouldn’t want to deprive a man of the feelings of knowing that there is a woman he can put his trust in. I may even do a future article talking about the best key loggers to download.

I know many of you are saying “Well, that’s nothing new. My girlfriend is completely honest with me.” Go and thoroughly check all of her social media and come back and tell me that. The chances are at around 1 to 3% I would say.

After 5 years of key logging girls, it may have finally helped me find a girl that is really special. She is changing the way I see women.

After hundreds and hundreds of women and a recent tear through Eastern Europe (specifically Urkaine) I was starting to think I had it all figured out. What a pleasant surprise. #oneitus

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