At least 2 New Articles A Week From Now On!

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At least 2 New Articles A Week From Now On!


THC is back! and it’s time to take Swoop The World to the next level. We will be posting at least 2 new articles every single week, so make sure to check Swoop at least twice a week. You can expect one article a week from myself and one article a week from TravelHardCore (THC). If you are known in the community and somebody we have met can vouch for you, you can submit a travel story.



New members area coming soon!

We are starting a member’s area that will be ready soon. Here’s what you will get in the member’s area:

  • Live, journalistic entries
  • Videos and pictures that are more personal, which we can do because we won’t be showing to near the size of our normal audience
  • Sexy pictures and videos
  • Audio etc. from girls and ourselves telling about our current adventures

We haven’t decided exactly how much we will charge a month for the membership, but it should be under 7 dollars a month.


The Future of Swoop The World is Bright!

Here’s what you can expect in the future with Swoop:

  • More articles and more often. We want to get to the point where we have a new article every single day
  • More books. I have plans to write a couple books on the my travels around the world.
  • More video data sheets like these
  • More interactive content from our adventures
  • More articles going viral like the good ol’ days
  • Many more countries added to our travel database


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