Angeles City Philippines, Giant Sewer

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Angeles City Philippines, Giant Sewer

I woke up Sunday morning hungover.  I went to check my iphone to see what time it was.  I always keep it on silent because so many messages come it the thing would always be chirping and I just find that plain annoying.   It happens to be ringing at that exact moment.

It was the party organizer that runs a club here in Manila.  He told me that a UFC star I’ve been knowing and training with for quite some time was hosting a pool party at the ABC hotel in Angeles city.  It’s a 2 hour drive from Manila and he was leaving in 10 minutes with a bunch of girls in a rented van.

The ABC Hotel Angeles City Philippines
The ABC Hotel Angeles City

I tried to reach THC but as usual, he was sleeping in to his customary 3pm.  I packed my stuff and headed over to the party organizers place a block down from where I was staying.

They have a huge penthouse suite and it is always filthy and filled with the biggest sluts Manila has to offer.  I have banged no less that 3 of the girls present.  I shudder to think of the number of dicks that have been in these women.  I gave them polite hugs and said my hellos.

They were all still in various states of drunkeness and whatever else so it took a lot longer than 10 minutes for them to get ready.

We left and stopped by the apartment of a very sexy local celebrity.  She had huge tits and ass and her face was gorgeous.  Some American guy was there, also a good looking dude and we got along right away.

The drive over was fun, we are passing around a bottle of Jack Daniels and there is chemistry between the hot girl and I.  One of the guys keeps saying “Isn’t she pretty Fisto?”

Of course she is.

“Would you marry her?”

Only if she promises to give me tall sons.

We arrive at the hotel and the UFC star is in the lobby and calls me out which felt good “Fisto!”

I walk over and we do the man hug.  He’s there filming a reality show and we are bullshitting while people walk up and say hello.

I say I’ll catch up later and I go order more Jack and club soda.  I put my bag behind the bar.  I take off my shirt and walk into the pool area.

The pool party crowd in Angeles City Philippines
The pool party crowd

The place is about 4 or 5 stories high and the pool is the center of all of it.  Massive amounts of pay for play foreigners are there and all sorts of girls.  Cheap whores, expensive whores, commons sluts, and that’s about all.  Maybe a few normal girls but they’re in full on clothes while everyone else is in a bikini.

I’m wearing some small shorts and dogtags.  I’ve got my phone stuck in my waistband.  It occurs to me this might not be a good idea.

The guy I met at the celebrity girls apartment is in tow and we are walking around bullshitting with various people.  We got upstairs and I see the celebrity girl and she’s changed into her bikini.  Big titties confirmed.  We exchange quick smiles and I see she is checking me out also.

The guy and I walk out onto the balcony and look down.  It’s like a seedy Las Vegas pool party.  I’d say more of the Rehab variety.

We look across the hotel to the other side and there is a giant window filled with girls waving at us.  They are wearing colored wigs and are in bikinis.  They look great from where we are.  We wave back and they start jumping up and down and waving us over.  We do the hulk hogan muscle pose in opposite directions where one bicep is flexed and the other arm is extended as you look out and up into the sky.  This drives them wild.

The Hulk Hogan pose in Angeles City Philippines
The Hulk Hogan pose

We walk down across the way and find the girls, we are the only guys and they are running up to us and touching our chests.  We pretend to go after their chests and they are giggling and squealing.

Several girls explain at once that they are part of a dancing show in another venue in Angeles City.  The owner gives us a card and says to come by.  Several girls take my number down and thank me afterwards.  God I love the Philippines.

We pick up the owner of the show (old fat lady) for a photo and then take off.  That  invincible feeling is taking over.  Iphone5 is still in my waistband.

I run into the UFC guy and he tells us to come upstairs.  We follow him up and onto the rooftop where there is an open bar, we drink more and continue to get smashed.  The guy I met hands me a pill and I take it without thinking.

There aren’t very many girls up there but I am enjoying catching up with the guy who is now rich, famous, and well known.  I reflect on how if only one or two things had happened differently we would have been in the same position.

I realize I am getting emotional.

I excuse myself and ask what it was I was just given.

MDMAMDMA – Extasy.

Jesus Christ, ok.

Everything else is in little flashes.

I’m sitting in a booth with my friend.

It’s getting dark.

Iphone still there.

I’m downstairs with a girl.

The owner of the place is telling me to leave.

He’s yelling at the girl.

Some guy tells me the cops are coming and I should just go.

This guy is not my friend and he’s an asshole who was obviously lying about being a former SEAL earlier when I met him.

My iPhone is gone.

I ask the security guy to get it for me.  He refuses.  I can’t go in. I can’t send a message to my buddy upstairs.

The girl says we need to go NOW.

I jump into a little “tricycle” which is basically a tuk tuk

I wake up and I’m at a hotel fumbling with money to pay for it.  I just hand a wad of bills to the girl and she  hands the money over to the person at the counter.

I wake up again and it’s morning.  I fuck the hell out of the girl.  I look over and see my bag that I stashed behind the bar is there.

I rifle through it.

Everything is there.

Everything except my iPhone


I bang this girl two more times.  She goes to the restroom.

I rifle through her purse.  Nothing.  I’m relieved but also disappointed.

We check out and get into a cab.

I tell her to tell the taxi to take us to the ABC hotel.

She tells the taxi to take us to the bus station.


She looks at me funny.  “We have to take a bus there”.


You’re in Manila!


Apparently I took a 2 hour bus ride that I paid for and have no memory of it.

The story gets better.

The girl is the reason I was thrown out.  Apparently the owner liked her.

We take the taxi to my place in Makati, I take her to my room and fuck her again.

She’s got a perfect figure, pretty little face, skinny legs big round ass and nice little tits and that pussy is tight as hell.

I leave her in my room and go downstairs for some wifi, I get on Facebook and message my friend.

He asks: what happened, heard you got into a fight.

No I got into an argument, I have not idea about what.

That was the owner, man you have to be careful out here, they were talking about murder and shit.  You’re all good now though.

Can you get my phone back.

I’ll try.

I have a lawyer friend I met her call the hotel.

I try the findmyiphone app.  Nothing.

Long story short, there’s nothing anyone can do.  It’s fucking gone.

I feel sick to my stomach.

The girl is upstairs in my room taking a nap while I’m down in my lobby.

I look at the last time I synched my phone, a lot of content still there thankfully.

I go back upstairs and fuck the girl one last time before giving her 500 pesos.

That should cover her bus fare, taxi home, and maybe a small snack.

She hugs me goodbye and lingers in my arms.

I want to forget I met her and I don’t ask for her number.

I try to add up all the phones lost on this trip and it depresses me.

I think about all the girls I’ve gotten close to that wanted to see me, the ones that are messaging and calling and just want to say goodbye.

I think about all the hot ass I’m going to miss out on because I don’t have numbers anymore.

I think about how the owner probably went up and talked shit about me after I left.

I think about how I that celebrity girl may not like me anymore because of said shit talking.

I am depressed for days.

I just booked a flight to Boracay during a huge storm, I leave tomorrow.

The End

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