most important body language

Where does nearly all of the attraction from your body language come from?

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most important body language

Where does nearly all of the attraction from your body language come from?

Body language is probably the most important factor in determining whether a girl is attracted to you. Body language alone can help an ugly man score a hot woman or a poor man score a rich woman. I have seen it with my own eyes.

I have done experiments practicing bad body language, then practicing good body language and watching her attentions do a 360. The interaction went from her barely responding to me to her chasing after me, giggling and asking me question after question. I looked exactly the same as I did moments before, I made the same amount of money, I was just as tall, as handsome, as strong, but changing one thing… I was able to win this girl over.

It’s clear, body language is like man’s magical power. It can be used to get special treatment anywhere you go or it can be used to get into a girls pants. But when I ask most people what body language is, they almost always talk about posture.

Most people understand that having good body language is important and the most they know about it is to have good posture. This is part of good body language, but it is not near as important as many other things.

In fact, there is one part of your body where the body language signals make up 10 times more than any other place on your body. Mastering body language on this one small part of your body alone can turn a girl who has no interest into you into a girl who can’t stay away from you. Can you guess where it is?

When you are talking to a girl, what is it that most of her brain function is focused on? Your posture? If you have smooth movements? Your rate of speech? No. People believe what they see, before anything else so listening is secondary. They are also not thinking about your posture or your movements for more than a moment. What they are constantly focused on is what happens on your face.



In a conversation with a girl, her eyes will probably be on your face over 95% of the interaction. So, if you will master any part of body language, you want it to be what happens on your face.

It is the most difficult part to master, but it also has the biggest reward. How you smile, how you laugh, when you smile, how you look at her, how you hold your eyes, if you raise your eye brows. Facial body language is complex, but powerful.


facial body language

Teaching you how to master facial body language

First you need to know the thought process behind what types of looks you should have behind your facial expressions. These are the main things that should be showing on your face when talking to a girl. Showing and feeling these things will go hand and hand. If you fake them on your face, you will start to feel them. If you feel them, they will start to show up on your face.


Confidence, near cockiness

Having a vibe that is confident, near cocky, are things that make a huge difference. You want this to behind every facial expression you make. A smirk is a powerful tool in a facial body language repertoire as well as a simple confident smile.



Having a fun vibe is something that ALL women love. Most women don’t need the same things they have needed for hundreds of thousands of years ie money, dangerous and strong man, etc. So although those attraction triggers are still part of their instincts (read more about these concepts of attraction here), their importance is not as high up as having a guy that is fun to be around.

To be seen as fun you just have to laugh and smile. It’s that simple, but it also has to do with the type of laugh, type of smile and how genuine it seems.


Genuinity of your facial expressions

The genuinity of your facial body language is very important because of how often people try to fake these things. You can’t fall into that category because it will not incite any emotion in the person you are doing it to.

To do these things genuinely, you just need to make sure these emotions affect your entire face. If you smile, it should show very much in your eyes. If you laugh it should show over every muscle in your face, including your eyes.


Eye contact

Keeping strong eye contact with a somebody of the opposite sex not only shows eye contact, but it also shows sexual intent. This sexual intent is communicated on a very primal level and that makes it very much more powerful than saying the same thing with words.

You should also be aware of how you hold your eyes when you look at a girl. Ian Somerhalder is a guy that makes women crazy. Why? His eyes. He has blue eyes, which helps, but he’s not the only guy in the world with blue eyes. What sets him apart is that he is always holding his eyes in an attractive way. Either in a smile:

facial body language


Or he does it in an intense way:

facial body language

I promise that if you hold your eyes this way while listening to a girl talk, she will have trouble focusing because she will only be thinking about how sexy you look.


The right type of smile

This is so important all by itself because a smile affects all of your face and to be confident and fun you will need to spend some time with smiles. I have written a previous article about it here.

There are many types of smiles to be used in different situations, but here is a picture I made a couple years back that can show you the point better than I can explain it.

smile body language
Click to see better

These 4 attractive ways to smile are eye smirk, lip smirk, teeth smirk and laughter.

These should be the only ways you are smiling, it will make you seem very attractive.


Eyebrow raise

Raising your eye brows while also squinting like talked about above is something that women will find irresistible as well. You can do this when she says something interesting or silly.

facial body language




Another important part of facial body language is learning the right timing to use these facial expressions. If the timing is right, these facial expressions become even more powerful.

When she is saying something interesting, make sure you are looking at her intensely. When she is trying to be funny, make sure to tease her by raising your eye brows and smiling. When something is funny, laugh.

These are things that you will only learn by getting out there and practicing.


Teases with facial body language

I talked about how you can use raised eye brows to tease a girl, but there are many other ways. You can also make a joke, look at her completely seriously, then SLOWLY let a smile cross your face. She will go from wondering if you are serious, to seeing that you are teasing her. When you are teasing her don’t be afraid to laugh, you are a fun guy after all.


Acting with facial body language

Another thing you can do is use your facial expressions to act with her, Hollywood style. It’s very powerful and very fun for a girl. You use it a lot with role playing jokes.

If she drops something you could say “What the hell!” and look at her angrily. Then a moment later you slowly start smiling, then laughing.

You could start teasing her about stalking you and you can look at her like you are scared “Everywhere I look there you are; in the street, here in this bar, my bedroom window.” Then you let your scared look turn into a cocky smile.


Practice in front of your mirror

These things are VERY important when it comes to women. If you don’t stand in front of your mirror and practice your attractive smile or eyebrow raise, then you are at a huge disadvantage (many women do these types of things).

You should be standing in front of your mirror at least an hour a week. You can have practice conversations with girls. Pretend you are opening them, then tease them, make jokes and try to just look charming and attractive.


Learn more about attractive body language

I have spent a lot of time studying these things I really believe it is the secret to getting any girl. You can learn a lot more about body language and how to master it by checking out my book here: The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language.

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