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My Adventures with Indian Girls in Bollywood

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It’s been about two weeks since our last article, but this is just temporary. Swoop isn’t enough anymore to support my world travels, so I have been working around 12 hours a day to get into programming. It seems like I will have a job within a couple weeks so I can get back to writing normally. But now, to the article at hand… my first article on India. – THC and I toured India for little less than a month. Most of that was spent seeing the country that seems like it is another planet. But there was a week that I dedicated to chasing Indian girls in Bollywood. Since this is SwoopTheWorld, that is the part I will be writing about.


Mumbai, India a Nice Change Up

THC and I were in Southern India. For me the people of Southern India were much more intense. They would come up to us, always wanting to speak to us. It was cool at first, but got a bit annoying after a while. When we got to Mumbai, the people were way more relaxed and didn’t constantly try to talk to us for no reason (except for in bars).

Visiting a Bar in Mumbai

Indian people are extremely friendly, as I mentioned earlier, this is sometimes great and at other times annoying. Another crazy thing about Indian people, even Indian girls, is that when they do something, they don’t do it 100%, they do it 120%. I will give you an example. And it may have been more intense because we were in Mumbai (the home to Bollywood).

THC and I decided to spent a night checking out the nightlife. We found a bar that wasn’t far away that had decent reviews and decided to check it out. As soon as we walked in, my mind was blown. This was a bar, but people weren’t talking and acting like it was a bar. Every single person was dancing. And they weren’t just dancing, they were full out 120% dancing. Doing dance moves I had never imagined. Basically, it felt like I had just walked into a Bollywood musical.

As usual people were very friendly to us and talkative, but the night never amounted to much. Now, I decided to try to get my own place to be able to bring girls back to (at the hotels we stayed at it wasn’t possible). THC went on to another city and I got an apartment right in the center of West Bandra (basically Bollywood).


My First Date in Bollywood

My first date in Bollywood was with a girl online. She was a 24 year old doctor. It would be my first date in India. She showed up to the date looking nice. I would not say she was the hottest girl, but she was definitely cute. The best things about her were her very friendly personality and her accent. I don’t know what it is about the Indian accent, but I love it on girls. It’s not sexy at all, but just… Indian.

We wen’t for a walk down the boardwalk. India is a very dirty country, but in West Bandra they did a good job keeping it clean. We walked along the beach until we came close to a gigantic house that had probably over two hundred people waiting outside the gates.

“That is Shah Rukh Khan’s house.” She went onto explain how he is the most famous man in India. Looking at the crowd outside of his house, I began to understand the ridiculously huge population in this country and what fame in India really meant.

“Is this normal?” I asked.

“Yeah.” she responded.

It’s interesting, but India made me realize I have no interest in ever being really famous. The money part of fame is nice, but having people come talk to you every five minutes (which happened to us in parts of India) can get really annoying. The only times it’s nice is when it happens to be a hot girl, which aren’t usually the type of girls who come up to you.

Back to the story. We continued the date and it was a great feeling to go on a date that I genuinely enjoyed. She just had a fun personality. It was great. We talked about India, I let her judge my Indian accent. Which she said was great and even told me the area it was from. For some reason I have an amazing Indian accent, I somehow even have it down to being the exact accent from a certain province.

Afterwards I made an excuse to get her back to my place. It was about thirty minutes later that I had sex with the first Indian girl of my trip. While she had just a so-so body, it felt great. I had slept with a few Indian girls in other parts of the world, but this was my first time on native soil. There is also just this magic to India that I felt when I was with her. Indian men also tend to put their woman on a pedestal and this made me start to see them in a more positive light. India is it’s own world and the way people think outside of India isn’t really that important as long as you are still in India.


indian girls in bollywood

Dating Indian girls who are also Bollywood actresses

My next date, another girl I met online, turned out to be a Bollywood actress. We went and got some food and talked for our first date. I tried to get her back to my apartment, but no go. I would have to try again, but this girl was really into me.

The next day we met again and went for a walk along the boardwalk again. We talked and got to know each other better. Her dad was a businessman and it seemed like he was extremely wealthy.  I tried to get her back to my apartment and this time it worked. While at my apartment I put on Youtube and she showed me some video clips of her in some of the Bollywood movies she was in. She even showed me a popular music video that she was the star of. In the video she was the hot girl the Indian singer kept trying to seduce and she kept rejecting.  It was pretty funny.

This girl was attractive, but I don’t think she was so hot to be the hot girl the guy tries to get in a popular music video. Well, it turns out her rich dad is very influential in Mumbai, and he may have been helping out her Bollywood acting career. Either way, I still wanting to sleep with this girl. She was a cool girl, but had this lazy arrogance that you see with girls who have been given whatever they wanted their whole lives. Maybe it’s because I grew up middle class, but I’m not a big fan of it.

Anyways this girl was REALLY into me. It wasn’t long before I was able to bring her to bed and sleep with the first Bollywood actress of my life. I saw her a couple more times before I left and to this day (months later), she still seems really into me. She actually wants to come to USA, to the city I’m in and do her Masters degree here.


My First Middle Class Indian Girl

My next date was with a middle class girl. We met on a beach more to the north part of the city, the beach was not nice at all and it was very crowded, but the breeze was nice and this girl was very sweet. She was wearing the more traditional Indian clothes, unlike the other girls who dressed more Western. It was so sexy. I would say traditional Indian clothes are the sexiest clothes in the world. They are strips of cloth that are wrapped around the girl. In Bollywood movies, you see scenes where the actor takes the girls clothes off by grabbing a strip and spinning her until she is naked, something I wasn’t able to do, but now it’s on my bucket list. While I walked along the beach with her, I imagined spinning her right out of the clothes she wore.

She was cute, even cuter than the Bollywood actress, but from an hour talking I saw she was very conservative. She was a virgin. I decided it wasn’t worth the effort with everything I had heard about the importance of virginity before getting married and this wasn’t a rich girl.

I later had a chance where she would have stayed the night. She promised not to have sex if she came, but it still would have been nice. Unfortunately, I had scheduled a date with another girl, a date I wish I wouldn’t have gone on. This cute little traditional Indian girl would have been a way better way to spend my time.


Indian Girls or Rich Bitches

For my next date we met at a salad restaurant. This was pretty amazing for me because in other parts of the country, even parts of the city it was hard to find anything that wasn’t Indian food (and the ocasional Mcdonalds which I would use to balance out all the Indian food I would eat. Don’t get me wrong, I love Indian food. But I can’t eat it for more than one meal a day.

The girl who showed up was attractive. She was tall and thin. But right away I noticed something was wrong. There was a small wait before we could get a table and she was a complete bitch to the waiter. Over the top and unnecessarily so.

At first she was very sweet to me, but I had seen the contrast and how she acted towards the waiter. I couldn’t help but not like her. I tried to power through it because she was hot.

She talked about who her dad was in a bragging way, another rich girl. Everything that this girl said was just another way of saying “Look how amazing and superior I am.” Now at first she was very sweet to me. I was trying to hide my dislike for this girl, but I’m not sure if I was able. By the end of the date she was being a bitch to me too. I really think I could have slept with her if I could have ignored the fact I just didn’t like her as a human being. But in the end I’ll admit, it was clear she didn’t really like me either. I think I could have slept with her if I didn’t keep thinking about how much I didn’t like her.  I must learn to hide my emotions better because some of the best sex is pump and dumping a complete bitch. It feels like I’m doing karma’s work.

To top it all off, I missed out on having the hot middle class virgin sleep over for this retarded date. Owe well, C’est la vie.


indian girls gypsy

Indian girls with Big Asses

My next date was a nighttime stroll along the boardwalk. My next date showed up and the best way I can describe her is exotic. She had darker skin than the other girls, but really light brown eyes. She looked like Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The only difference? She had a HUGE ass. Like, I never knew a girl from the continent of Asia could ever have an ass like that.

She didn’t have as fun of a personality as some of the other girls, but just staring at her face brought me rushes of good feelings. And more when I imagined hooking up with her.

It was a short date and it wasn’t long before I brought her back to my apartment and I was undressing her. Not only did she have a huge ass, but she had big tits. Wow. The sex was incredible. The best so far in India. She was also the easiest girl to sleep with so far.

I won’t upload the picture of her ass her because I already posted it in the India thread on the forum. 


Just in the Nick of Time

I wasn’t able to see the hot virgin again because she had to leave town. I saw the girl with the big ass another time and sex was still amazing. Then, it was my last day in Mumbai. Later that afternoon I would be flying to New Delhi to join THC and see the Taj Mahal, celebrate the festival of colors and many other things. But there was one girl I had been chatting with.

I only had an hour left, but she had agreed to meet. I probably wouldn’t have agreed because I didn’t want to miss my flight, but she was… hot.  She had even agreed to come straight to my place because she knew I had a flight to catch.

She took a taxi and was at my place 15 minutes later. She was hot. Hotter than the Bollywood actresss, hotter than the middle class Virgin. She had a great body as well. She was the type of Indian girl I had fantasized about being with before ever coming to India.

The problem? We had been talking for 10 minutes, and if I didn’t leave within 30 minutes I would lose my flight. What did I have to lose? I went for the kiss and immediately started stripping her naked. There was no LMR. And the sex was great. I had already packed and two minutes after sex, we left my apartment with my luggage.

We said goodbye with a kiss as soon as I found a taxi. She was a cool girl. I wish I would have met her earlier because I would have liked to spend a lot of time with her. I arrived at Mumbai airport late, but they still let me board. All was well and I was headed to New Delhi basking in the great memories of my adventures having sex with Indian girls in Bollywood.


hot indian girl

Indian Girls Vs. Other Girls Around the World

Before going to India I wasn’t that impressed with Indian girls. I had slept with a few Indian girls in different parts of the world, but they weren’t anything special. I went into India, not expecting to get laid much or enjoy my lays. But that week in Mumbai was filled with good sex, especially with the girl who looked like Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the hot girl I slept with in the last 30 minutes of my time in Mumbai. I had been in Taiwan before India, and my experiences were way better in India.

All that being said, these girls in Mumbai are just hotter than most the other parts of the country. And the average girl is not that great. Indian women walking around are below average compared to other countries of the world.What is great is that I had access to some of the hottest girls around thanks to the internet. Usually, day game is how you get access to the hottest girls, but a few of the girls I was with that I met online were hotter than a very high percentage of the girls I saw walking around.

Indian girls in India, especially Mumbai just have this magic to them. They are very happy people and have the silliest/cutest accent in the world. I would like to go back one day.


Level of English in India

I was very surprised with the high level of English in India. I guess it was colonized by England. Some people I met actually were native English speakers. They didn’t know any languages other than English. The only difference… that accent.


India is Amazing and Terrible

For me India was incredible. There is no other place like it. The food is great and the people are friendly. You really feel like you are on another planet, especially when you always see cows walking around busy cities. Indians are also unique people. Traveling the world as much as I have, it get’s depressing seeing how much Western influence has influenced other parts of the world, but India is still India.

Unfortunately it’s also one of the dirtiest places I have ever been. I’ve never seen such huge piles of trash. The people are also so friendly that sometimes it got too intense and I just wanted to be left alone. It’s also very poor. I never realized how poor this country was until I visited. The average Westerner makes around 50 times more money. Then, there are the extremely rich who live like kings, like some of the girls I dated in Mumbai. What was also suprising was to see how the rich and the poor basically live on top of eachother. Not far from that famous Bollywood actresses house, were people living in shacks.


My Thoughts on Bollywood and the girls there

Bollywood (Bandra West) is by far the most comforable area in India that I have been. It is also the area that the average Indian woman was the hottest, by a pretty wide margin. If I ever wanted to marry an extremely rich girl, I think this may be one of the easiest places in the world to do it. Maybe I didn’t spend enough time to be able to say that, but from India I have multiple rich girls who want to come visit me now in USA, like the Bollywood actress I mentioned earlier. This is against what I had heard about the popularity of arranged marriages. From what I saw, the rich kind of do their own thing. They are way more Western than everybody else, although that may just be in Mumbai.


Goodbye India

My month in India was magical. It was a truly unique travel experience. I enjoyed the tourism with THC I did and chasing after Indian girls. I was ready to go after those weeks, but I would like to come back. There really is no other place like it.


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