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Going on an adventurous world wide trip will bring you the lifestyle that allows to increase your notch count astronomically. In order to quantify these achievements the following names were inventented for achieving high quantities of notches over a short period of time:

  1. Seven Days Seven Lays (7 notches within 7 days)
  2. Fortnight Fuck Fest (14 notches within 14 days)
  3. Three Week Super Freak (21 nothes within 21 days)
  4. Full Month Cunt Hunt (30 notches within 31 days)

There are no quality specifications, but the notches have to be new notches. Moreover, you can gain some “free days” if you double up on a specific day (getting 2 new notches within 24h). So let’s say you double up on Monday, you can strike out on Tuesday and still be on track for unlocking your quantity achievement of choice.

The FMCH achievement is notoriously hard to unlock, but as you get closer to unlocking it, your drive to complete it will compensate for the hard work it requires – Good luck!

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