Abstaining from Sex Until Marriage is Retarded

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abstaining from sex is retarded

I once worked with a guy, he was my boss. He was a little geeky, but not a bad looking guy. He would spend a lot of the day complaining about his wife that recently left him. After listening to his rants day after day I finally asked him what happened with her.

He started from the beginning.

He was a religious guy and he believed that he must wait until he was married before having sex. This guy went his entire life without having sex, saving it for his future wife. Then, at the age of 23 he finally got married.

He had went 23 years without sex and he was horny as hell.

“Let’s just say I was beyond ready to lose my virginity.” I remember him saying.

They got married then went straight to their honeymoon. Everything went just as my boss had expected. He finally lost his virginity and he loved it.

Five minutes after his first climax during sex, he was ready for another go. He couldn’t wait to try it again. He climbed on top of his new bride.

“No, I don’t want to have sex right now.”

“But, it’s our honey moon.” He responded, baffled.

“I don’t care, I don’t want to.”

This guy had waited 23 years, married a girl, basically giving her half of all his possessions, just to have sex one time.

This was the perfect indicator of the type of relationship that was to come. As a couple years went by she had sex with him on his birthday and on his birthday, but that was all. Not one time did she agree to sex that wasn’t a special occasion.

Three years went by and by that time the couple had had sex 7 times.

“I’m not happy with you anymore, I want a divorce.”

This religious man, who put up with all sorts of shit from this girl, didn’t even imagine divorcing her because of how against his religion it was. However, this girl of the same religion wasn’t so valiant.

She took half of everything he had and never looked back. He only had the bitter memory of her left, and it was clear from his constant bitching that it haunted him every day.

Theories to why she didn’t want sex

Too big

Well my boss always said “It’s cause I was too big.” It could be that. My cousin married a girl without having sex first. He was pretty big and she was tiny. It hurt her every time they had sex, but she at least tried for him. They eventually ended up getting a divorce (about two years later).

No sexual chemistry

However, based on some of his story it didn’t seem to be that. This girl was not a virgin before the marriage like my boss. She had lost her virginity to her previous boyfriend. Apparently, she had sex with him pretty frequiently. It could be that my boss and his wife just had no sexual chemistry or he did something weird in bed.

Not enough game

My boss also wasn’t the most alpha guy in the world, I would actually describe him as average for a religious guy. It could be that she was with a really alpha ex-boyfriend and my boss just couldn’t get her wet the same way. Maybe he needed to learn some game.

abstaining from sex is bad

The truth about abstaining from sex

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that this NEVER would have happened if they would have had sex before committing to something as serious as marriage. My cousins marriage probably never would have happened either if they would have just hopped in bed and got to know each other better.

Sex is such a big part of a relationship, it seems absolutely retarded to ignore the importance and just “hope” that a couples good feelings before marriage will transfer to sexual chemistry or change the size of his dick or size of her pussy.

If a guy is small, he shouldn’t risk marrying a girl with huge pussy genetics when he can marry a tight little Asian girl that will still fit like a glove. If a guy is huge, he shouldn’t risk marrying a girl so small it hurts him every time he tries to fit in, getting blood all over the sheets, when he can find a girl with a bigger pussy. It’s just like puzzle pieces, sometimes they just don’t fit.

It still confuses me why somebody would risk marrying somebody without trying her out. As my brother always said “Why would you buy the car, without giving it a test drive?” Wise words. Give her a test drive gentleman.


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