A Paradise for Slutty Girls – Papua New Guinea Guest Post

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 Slutty girls Papua New Guinea

A Paradise for Slutty Girls – Papua New Guinea Guest Post

Swoop The World reader Pall shares his knowloedge on the slutty girls in Papua New Guinea. He has a ton of knowledge on this country and it does sound like a pussy paradise there isn’t much information on. Thank you to Pall for the article and I hope you all enjoy.


Pall’s Guest Article on Papau New Guinea and it’s slutty girls

As a follow up to my post on your blog, I wish to tell my own story of being a player in PNG (Papua New Guinea). PNG is the next country north of Australia. I have been to the Phils and PNG beats it for easiness hands down!
Roughly 95% of he people are black Melanesians. 5% Polynesians. And there are various mixes of the two.
Before I start, let me first introduce 3 issues with Papua New Guinea:


Expensive to travel

1)- In PNG life as an expatriate is expensive. So my advice is don’t come here if you’re a budget traveler. Hotels are US$250-300/night. Yes there are budget lodges but these can be inhabited by the ‘less desirables’ of society., if you know what I mean. And a ‘budget’ place is US$100/night!



2)- It’s also one of the most dangerous countries to live and work in. Crime rate is high, so be careful. If you’re dumb and do stupid things or go places you shouldn’t then something may happen to you. So don’t be dumb. Port Moresby is in the Top 10 most dangerous cities in the world. But nothing has ever happened to me because I don’t do stupid things,Ike walk the streets at nighttime.


Slutty girls, but are they pretty?

3)- The girls are also some of the ugliest in the world. However – depends on which part of Papua New Guinea they come from. Girls from the Highlands (inland) are so ugly, they basically look like the men. Sometimes I have to look down to see if they have tits to tell if they are male or female. Seriously! So these ones you can never shag and you would feel disgusted with yourself if you do (I never have…honest!!). ;-). I feel so sorry for these women. I stick to the coastal girls who have softer features or the Polynesian girls. There can be various degrees of Polynesian mixes in the coastal girls. The more pure Polynesian girls are luckily around the capital city Port Moresby.


Don’t let these three issues affect your decision Papua New Guinea girls are some of the sluttiest in the world!

Once you overlook those three (minor? LOL) issues then life here is good. The girls are some of the easiest and sluttiest girls in the world. You can be white and fat, ugly and over 60 and score yourself a nice 20 year old bird (that does sicken me a bit but who knows when I am 60 I may still want that LOL).

And I’ll qualify something. They are not all ugly. Girls along the coastline can be cute, particularly if they have Polynesian blood in them and about 5% of the population is more pure Polynesian. Mixed race white ones are friggin lovely…especially the mixed White – Polynesians. Just honeys. They end up with European faces and brown skin. They are quite rare however I always target these ones. Even the 1/4 white ones are nice. If no mixed race ones were available then I would go for the pure Polynesian ones. Luckily around the Capital city Port Moresby most of the local girls were of Polynesian descent, because it’s a Polynesian part of PNG.


Night Life in Port Moresby

Girls like this are the best Polynesian style that you can get around Port Moresby. Just cute. Day game is easy. Night game is easy – but weeknights most bars and clubs are dead. Fridays and Saturday go to Lamana or Illusions club. Illusions weeknights sometimes has some girls in it. Day game in the only decently sized shopping centre in the country – Vision City. Or in the city centre. Just give them your number and they will text you.


The Girls


The lighter skinned girl in the above photo is more rare but you can find cute ones like this. She would be pure Polynesian.

The girls from Bougainville Island are officially the blackest skins in the world. They actually can look a bit Somali / Ethiopian mix-even though they are no relation to Africans. Bougainvillian girls can have huge asses like Africans. I have done a couple of Bougainvillians before and they can be good wild shags.

It’s so easy in night game you can basically do a ‘come over here’ finger wave at a cute 18 year old Polynesian girl in a bar and she will just walk over to stand near you. Then the first thing you say can be “We can go home now” and she will say “OK”. It’s actually THAT easy! Best if you buy her a few drinks to ‘seal the deal’ but if you’re in a hurry the that would work most of the time.

Then off you go – no questions asked. No game play – just “come here and let’s go”.

It’s a big status symbol for them to get you and they will boast to their friends.


Slutty girls who will do anything to be with a white man

The girls here will do anything to be with a white man. Anything! I am 46 now and I can still get what I want. I do take care of myself and gym and still look neat and tidy. I look around 35 not 46. I ask the local girls how old am I and they would guess and say 28? They just can’t judge the age of a white man. I can even still get young ‘Mixties’ (mixed whites). I currently have a 19 year old Polynesian gf and she is great. I also have a few others (2 Mixties) on the side but she’s the main one.

Day game is easy. Meet a cute teller in a shop and just slip them your number and they will text you a ‘please call me later in the day.

I like my main one because she knew nothing about sex when I was first with her (she was a ‘starfish’ as I call them – legs wide open and don’t move!) and since then I have totally trained her (the local boys cannot fuck). Now she does everything that I want and is very pro-active. She now fucks like an animal, she gets massively wet and wets the bed badly when we have sex (which embarrasses her badly) and she cums 3 or 4 times every time.

Here as a white man you can get what you want. And someone of African descent yes you can too. I have seen African guys usually score well here. Asians often usually no problem. But whites do best.

Be careful- many of the girls that I have taken home have actually said to me when we are about to commence the act “no condom” and they can get quite offended if you wish to wear one. It’s weird and it’s as if they want to get pregnant from you the first night!! It’s that bad (or good?)! My 19 year old current one also insisted that on the first night. She got all offended as well. But now she knows the deal and is cool about it now.

They also usually tell you that they ‘love you’ either the same night or next day. Just ignore that they can be like children and don’t understand what real love is. Or maybe they confuse love with lust for the foreigner – especially if you give them a good ‘processing’!!


Where are the most slutty girls on the planet? Maybe PNG

STD rates here are high as its one of the most promiscuous countries on the planet. So ALWAYS ‘cover up’.
LMR is usually non-existent. There is sometimes LMR but it’s very easy to bust through. Much easier than any other place.

These would be typical girls in Port Moresby. Maybe your taste maybe not. The girl on the left would be a ‘Mixtie’. Always very cute. The Mixtie’s are harder to get but I can easily get any one of these girls, so you guys should have no problem.


Papua New Guinea is also a country for older men

It’s awesome being here. When I first got there I was 27 and I had lovely blonde hair and they loved me. Now I am 46…with less hair :'(….and they still love me! A good friend of mine is 60 and he processes around 100/year (but he does pay them money – I prefer not to). I still get what I want. It’s great here but just stay safe as the country is dangerous. Most also speak English which is good.

Anyway hope you like my tips on Papua New Guinea.

Many Philipinos work in Papua New Guinea at the Pharmacies so you could always do some day game on them. But most of the Philpinos working here are unattractive for some reason.


In Summary

In summary – expensive, dangerous, most girls very ugly but the cute Polynesian coastal ones are still easy shags. The ‘Mixties’ are the best but rare.

You mentioned Samoan. I have never been there. There are many fat ones but the slim ones or Mixtie’s can be cute.



Slutty girls Papua New Guinea
Maybe even visit a native tribe for a unique cultural experience


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