A Pair Of Dominican Cupid Golddiggers – Guest Post by El Conquistador

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Guest post by El Conquistador

El Conquistador is a guy I met while I was in the Dominican Republic. He has a story for Swoop today about a nice double date while he was there. Enjoy.

The story

So it’s about 12 midday here on a Thursday afternoon in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and my roommate tells me that a girl is coming to visit him. She lives in La Vega and he’s been talking to her for a while on Dominican Cupid. “She’s bringing a friend as well because she’s scared of being alone with a man she’s never met before” he says. I grimace. We’ve been through this many a time before and I’m really in no mood to look after the fat friend while he makes sweet love to his girl in his room.

We talk about it and I reluctantly agree to the double date. After a mad rush to clean up and a few phone calls back and forth while the girls try to find the place, they arrive. My roommate’s girl is medium height, long straight black hair and that typical Dominican hips and legs. I would have to squat 600 pounds for reps on a weekly basis to get an ass like that. I’ll call her Miss Big Hips. Her friend is about 4’11”, tiny waist and huge tits. I’ll call her Miss Big Mouth (you’ll soon find out why). Both girls have the Santiago/La Vega look – lighter skin and long, straight jet black hair.

My roommate has already built up some rapport over Whatsapp with his girl so he immediately grabs her hand and takes her in the room to show his off his Spanish vocabulary cards. He leaves me in the living room to get to know my girl…and she is being a total bitch. Seriously, it’s been a while since I’ve met a girl as cold and hostile as this. She folds her arms, leans back on the couch, digs her chin into her chest and looks up at me past her forehead. I’m trying to make conversation, “¿y tu trabajas o estudias?” (do you study or work?) “¿tienes familia aca?” (do you have family here in the city). She’s firing back one word answers and starts asking me questions like: “¿quien vive aqui?” (who lives here?) “¿en que trabajas?” (what’s your job?) “¿ganas bien?” (do you earn good money?)

Suddenly, in the middle of this tense back-and-forth, she jumps up and says: “tengo hambre. ¿Que tienen para comer” (I’m hungry. What do you have to eat here?) She trots to the kitchen in her 4-inch heels and starts going through the fridge. I’m thinking about closing the fridge door on her head, but she offers to make me a sandwich. I start to role-play and treat her like a dutiful wife: “no le eches ketchup mi amor. no me gusta” (don’t put any ketchup on mine my love, I don’t like it.)

As she’s preparing my sandwich, my roommate and the other girl come out of the room. The two girls begin to chat in private. This is usally bad when girls do this. Miss Big Hips turns to me “nos vamos a La Vega” (we are going back to La Vega). My mouth drops and I look at her for a couple of beats and say “¿en serio?” (seriously). They took a three-hour bus ride to spend 45 mins here so they can turn around and head back? When I translate this for my roommate, he snaps: “oh hell no!” He grabs his girl by the arm and drags her into his room again.

I’m left in the living room with Miss Bitch eating her sandwich until my roommate and Miss Big Hips come out again. “What’s happening?” I ask. “The girls are gonna cook dinner for us” he says. Apparently, he took her in the room and straightened her ass out. The girls get in the kitchen, we crack open the alcohol and put YouTube videos on the flat screen TV. Miss Big Mouth is knocking back her alcohol and starts loosening up a bit. She also starts to get LOUD. I mean – singing-along-so-loud-to-YouTube-videos-the neighbours-complain-loud.

When all four of us sit down at the dinner table to eat I continue to role-play with MIss Big Mouth: “sirveme mas papas mi amor” (serve me more potatoes my sweet). She digs it and is falling into my frame.

After dinner we pair off on the couches and the girls start talking about plastic surgery. Miss Big Hips says that she wants to get her tits done and Miss Big Mouth wants to get her ass done. I can’t help but think they should just merge and be the perfect woman. At one point I lock eyes with my girl for about 30 seconds and let the sexual tension build. I go in for the kiss. She accepts, but begins to bite my lip and suck the hell out of my tongue. Dominican girls are passionate kissers and I’m not complaining.

After a couple more hours of drinking Brugal and Coke and singing karaoke at a deafeningly loud volume (while holding the TV remote as if it were a mike) Miss Big Mouth jumps up from the couch and heads towards my room saying she’s going to bed. I follow her into the room and continue to tease her by laying down some ground rules: “yo me duermo en este lado y tu te quedas en ese y espero que no ronques.” (I’m sleeping on this side and you stay over there on your side. And I hope you don’t snore!) I’m treating this loud little ball of energy like she’s my bratty little niece. My roommate and his girl are in the doorway giggling their asses off at this scene. Miss Big Mouth has no shame – she strips down to her underwear in front of the three of us and asks me if she can borrow something to sleep in. I throw her a wifebeater that comes down to her knees. By this point she has nothing on underneath it. By now I’m ready to jump in the bed, pull up that wifebeater and give it to her loud, bitchy, diminutive big-tit body that’s been driving me wild all night.

I just need to shower first, but my roommate is in the in bathroom. I can’t wait to shower so I can go in there and bang the living daylights out of my girl. I bang on the door, but it does me no good. I’m stuck outside the bathroom door waiting for him to shave his balls.

After 5 minutes of door banging and pleading, I finally get in and have the quickest cold shower of my life. I towel off, jump in the bed and switch off the lights. I think my girl is asleep already. Fuck! I pretend to be asleep. I know she’s awake and she knows I am. This is like a sexual Mexican stand off. I roll over to face her and so does the same. Next thing I know my boner is pressed into her thigh and we lock tongues. She rolls on top of me and pulls the wifebeater up over her head. I get to feel up that petite body and she’s grinding me hard through my briefs. I roll her on her back and she pulls down my briefs. Her nipples are like bullets. After about 5 minutes of bed-breaking action, I pull out and cum all over her stomach. She jumps up without a word, wraps a towel around herself and goes to the bathroom to shower.

She comes back in the room and it’s my turn. I take another quick cold shower and get into bed and start reading my kindle. I’m trying to read, but I can’t concentrate because this girl next to me is going to town on herself with her fingers. I put my kindle on the bedstand with a sigh and roll over to help her out. She feels my boner ready to go again and lets out a moan of approval. We go at it again and after a shorter period than the first time, i pull out and shoot on her stomach. Once again she jumps up and goes to shower.

After my third shower in 30 mins, I’m surprised I’m ready to go again. But this time it’s starting to hurt her so I roll off and collapse.

In the morning she’s back to being a bitch and tries to sneak some extra money out of me despite the fact that my roommate had already given Miss Big Hips enough money for the both of them for their bus ride and everything else. When their taxi arrives, I stride out of the house refusing to give her any more money with her walking after me “por que me tratas mal?” (Why are you treating me like this?)

Since then, I’ve kept in touch with her via Whatsapp but she’s gone back to being a cold bitch again. Oh well, she was too loud anyway.

If you want to check out his blog go to http://pickupspanish.com/join/.

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