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8 Reasons Why 20Nation Says Every Man Should Lift Weights

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8 Reasons Why 20Nation Says Every Man Should Lift Weights

lift weights

I have started lifting regularly again after quite some time of not doing it. Since I have started again, I have noticed some big changes in my life… positive changes. Things that, looking back at it now, are the same things that started happening when I was lifting before.

So I will tell you 8 reasons that I have noticed in my own life why I think every man should lift weights.


Your confidence

Since lifting again, I have noticed a natural lift in my own confidence. I feel more confident in my body, in how I look and in my own ability to protect myself. This confidence stems from these things and all of the other reasons I will continue listing.


Men respect you

I don’t know what it is, but there is something inside of all men that automatically respects other men with size. I have noticed that when a big guy enters the room, I can’t help but respect him. He can kill that respect by acting beta, but before really getting to know him… there is an animal respect for him that I can’t control.

The same seems true in how men treat me when I put on muscle. That respect is there immediately when I meet them if I have been going to the gym.

This can be useful while trying to pick up girls in groups (would you rather cock block a guy who looks like he could kick your ass or a scrawny little hipster?), but also just dealings in your everyday life.


You are more attractive to the opposite sex

I don’t care how many women have said “I prefer a skinnier guy.” We all know you can’t ask a girl what she really likes and get a straight answer. I can tell you that it’s black in white, the amount of attention I get from women before and after I start lifting. I see it in IOI’s and I see it in how women react when I talk to them.

Most guys out there have a normal amount of muscle and what is common is boring. You want to be seen as a strong guy to women. If you are, you will instantly become more attractive to them.

However, I think for the return on investment, becoming a gym rat is not worth it. In my opinion, for getting girls, I think it is ideal to go to the gym 3 times a week and each session should be under an hour. The reason for this is that no girl wants a guy who lives at the gym or that gets ALL his confidence from the gym. You will also not burn out so easy by going just 3 times a week.

You will become more attractive in a sexual sense

Putting on muscle pushes you from a boyfriend material looking guy to a guy that girls would like to have as a boyfriend, but if they can’t get that, then they would really enjoy just fucking you.

I think that they can sense the extra testosterone and they get wet at the idea of you being able to toss them around like a rag doll.

I have really noticed a difference in the amount of IOI’s I get while walking around and while in a club when I have been lifting. Girls who would never have checked me out before, are checking me out now.

The thing that makes this so important, is that it is 10x easier to open a girl that gives you an IOI, than it is a girl who didn’t even seem to notice your existence.


Self control and discipline

After starting a lifting regime, I also have this feeling of control over my life that I didn’t have before. I am making sacrifices to improve myself. I am setting a goal and working at it three times a week, no matter what. This is something that will get anybody out of a funk in their life.


It’s the best way to help your mood

This goes for all exercise, but when you are in a shitty mood for whatever reason, the best thing you can do is go to the gym. You can take out your frustrations on the weight. You also have endorphins (the chemicals your body naturally gives off that make you happy) that the exercising will make you create. Sad, mad, depressed to happy in 45 minutes.


Feeling better and more horny

After lifting, you will start to become more healthy and you will feel it. As soon as you walk outside your house, you will feel the difference. Something just feels right in your body.

Thanks to this help and also a rise in your testosterone, you will also become more horny. This will aid you in chasing women and give you the drive you need to fulfill your biological imperative.


Helps with body language and posture

The mix of confidence and healthy will naturally improve your body language for the best. As long as you know what body language positions make you more attractive (You can learn that by clicking here), lifting will make these much easier to achieve and make apart of how you act.

On top of that, if you are lifting correctly, you will be holding excellent posture. The lifts will strengthen the right muscles so that you will much more easily hold excellent posture.


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