8 Reasons Entrepreneurship Will Take Your Game To The Next Level

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8 Reasons Entrepreneurship Will Take Your Game To The Next Level

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by Tyler Belfort


It is common knowledge that success in business can reap the daring entrepreneur sizable financial benefits. Less well-known is the dramatic effect that entrepreneurship can have on your results with women. Today we will focus on the main ways in which your game will improve as a result of becoming your own boss.


1. Keeping focused on your business knocks women off their pedestal

“You can lose a lot of money chasing women, but you’ll never lose a woman chasing money.” – Mr. Landis (I think I love my wife)

When people first get into the game, they tend to put women on a pedestal. After starting your own business, you are reminded that a great sex life is part of the picture, but not the picture. By any measure, doing well in your business is much more important. It is your business ventures that will determine your future lifestyle, your degree of personal freedom and even your ability to meet high quality women. Make business your bread and better while treating women as a delightful side dish.


2. Outcome independence is a hallmark of solid game

As an entrepreneur, you have to try and fail in order to eventually succeed. There are many examples of millionaire businessmen who went through bankruptcies before hitting it big. It follows that always having multiple business projects in the pipeline fosters an attitude of outcome independence. By having plenty going on, you will not attach too much importance to the outcome of any single idea or event.

The same principle applies to women. You need to take the rejections and harsh blowouts along with the steamy sex marathons. The highs will always come together with some lows. How you deal with them is what matters. Running a business and facing up to failure helps build a mindset of outcome independence.


3. Exerting control over your world is attractive

At a primal level, women are most attracted to a man who exhibits control over his surrounding environment. This is a man who makes her feel safe. Women want to be thrown into the world of a strong man who calls the shots. These men come in many shades, but the entrepreneur is a prime example.

Building a business involves taking power back into your own hands. Nobody tells you what to do. You are moving towards gaining control over your life. You are slowly but surely becoming a self-actualized male. Sure, you might fail in some of your endeavors but they are your failures. For good or worse, it’s all comes down to you. Control yourself and your world first – women will inevitably be drawn in.


4. Leaders are more alpha

Being an employer makes you more alpha by definition. You are leading other men and your relative value increases as a result.

In nature, the leader of the pack is the one who gets to mate with available females and successfully passes on his genes to the next generation. Humans may have developed more complex social norms than animals, but women’s hindbrain instinct to reproduce with the leader type remains almost entirely unaltered. This is why sordid affairs between women and their bosses are so common. Women just can’t help themselves.

If you must be led, do so only for the specific and significant advantages that you will gain as a result. One example might be working as an employee in order to build valuable connections for a future business of your own. But be honest with yourself – we can all rationalize the reasons for playing it safe and getting a job. Is the position really such a great one? When in doubt, it is almost always better to work for yourself and lead the way.


5. Women get wet for dark triad types, says science

Business is the modern form of warfare. To be successful, you will often need to be ruthless, cunning and unforgiving. Like it or not, women are hopelessly attracted to the risk-taking asshole who takes what he wants. According to various studies, certain “dark triad” traits that are utilized in the worlds of business and politics are also highly attractive to women.


6. Entrepreneurs can better structure their lives around meeting attractive women

One of the biggest advantages of being the boss is that you set the rules. Running your own venture gives you a huge amount of freedom to manage your time and logistics – both vital factors for meeting and attracting women. Even relatively rich employees (bankers are a good example) bemoan their lack of opportunities to meet women.

When you run the show, you can structure things how you want them to be. Want to go mack on some girls at lunchtime? You can. Want to take a week off in Eastern Europe to meet some local women? You can. No need to ask the snarky Human Resources manager for permission.

Even better, if you run a location independent business, you can even live wherever you want. Deliberately building your business around your life rather than the other way around will help you to do what you want, game included.


7. Learning sales will supercharge your game

Being an entrepreneur often requires you to sell an idea or product. Whether it’s promoting your service to potential customers or pitching to investors, it’s all about your sales ability.

Game is, at its essence, just another form of sales. You are showcasing your best possible self in order to attract the opposite sex. A businessman used to cold calling potential clients will find it easier to do cold approaches on hot women. Sales works the same mental muscles as game, so practicing it regularly will help prepare you for seducing women.

Holding a strong frame, adopting abundance mentality, solid body language and constantly working on your social skills are all vital in sales – and developing these masculine traits will greatly impact on your game and beyond.


8. Game and business success complement each other

Success in one part of your life will often boost another unrelated area. You may already be aware that your results in business and game strongly complement each other. Just hit some record sales numbers? Chances are your game is going to feel sharper too. Recently started dating a stunning Russian au pair? With your confidence sky high, tomorrow’s pitch to venture capitalists will be easier than usual. Results beget confidence which in turn leads to more results. It’s a virtuous circle, so get the ball rolling now!


In closing, we should point out that although entrepreneurship will improve your results with the opposite sex, you still need to take action to actually make things happen. Sitting in your office working all the time won’t get you anywhere if that’s all you do. By all means, make entrepreneurship your priority, but pay attention to your sex life too. Reaching a balance between the worlds of game and business is tricky, but successfully navigating both will provide you with a lifestyle that other men can only dream of.


This is a guest post by Tyler Belfort. You can read more articles like this on Red Pill Entrepreneur or reach out on Twitter.

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