7 Myths about Russian girls: A guest post by David Clavell

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7 Myths about Russian girls

A guest post by David Clavell

russian girls

One of Russia’s greatest natural resources has to be its abundance of beautiful women. Forget oil, gas and diamonds; it’s (usually blonde) Russian girls that men (and sometimes women) have tried to obtain. In the early years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, huge numbers of them flooded Moscow, St. Petersburg and every other big city in the newly created Russian Federation in search of work, opportunity, and in many cases, a sponsor who would pay for their brand new Gucci bags and Chanel perfume.

Because so many of these girls were young, destitute and, most importantly, beautiful, it has led to a myths about their general nature. I’m here to lay these myths to rest and tell you the truth about Russian girls. I speak as a man who regularly dates these young Slavic beauties and speaks their language fluently. I’m not here to lie to you or present some false picture of the world to sell you some nonsense dating service. Here are the no-holds barred truths about Russian girls. I’ve feel it’s necessary to clear up the misunderstandings that still exist in the dark corners of the world wide web. The following is based on years of talking with, dating and banging Russian girls (one word of note: most of my bangs are from non-English speaking girls). They are based on provincial Russian girls, i.e. not Muscovites.


1. Russian girls love foreigners

Here’s a way to tell if someone has been with a Russian girl: if they tell you that Russian girls love foreigners, they’re lying. The majority of Russian girls don’t care about foreigners. We’re a ubiquitous bunch now, and even the girls who’ve never seen a westerner in their life have seen plenty on TV and are more well versed in a western lifestyle than you are. That’s not to say you won’t find exceptions; there always are. Some may have an interest in your country’s culture while others may in fact love you for your passport. These girls, however, constitute a minority. If you think you can come here and pull a new girl every day based solely on that blue or red book of yours, you’re in for a disappointment.


2. Game isn’t necessary

This has to be the biggest load of nonsense I’ve ever read. Some people seem to think that such skills are not necessary here, that all a man has to do is show up and the girls will start falling onto his lap (because he’s a foreigner of course). That used to be true, actually. In the 1990s when every girl was desperate leave Russia behind like rats deserting a sinking ship. Times have changed though and now it takes time and skill to crack the mysterious code of the average Russian girl. As you’ll see in myth #4, Russian girls play games if you don’t have the skills to deal with these things, you’ll very quickly find yourself spending lots of nights alone in your hotel or apartment wondering what went wrong. You have to know what to say, when and how. Don’t worry; I’ll let you in on the big secret. Most girls here like masculine men. It’s the main reason why guys from the Caucasus manage to get with scores of Russian women despite often being physically repulsive.


3. They’re desperate to emigrate

This is actually a half truth, since there are still a lot of Russian girls who want to emigrate, mostly to Spain, Italy or any country where they don’t have to put on 2 or 3 layers of clothing in the winter. The key word here is “many” which doesn’t mean all. Very, and I mean very, few of the girls I’ve dated have expressed any interest in living in my home state of Florida, a state with a large Russian expat community where the beach is always no more than an hour’s drive away. Most Russian girls want to stay in their home country; many are reluctant to leave behind their home city and try to strike it rich in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Russia’s rich now, friends and that means that if you happen to find your own young, high-cheekboned beauty, she’ll likely want you to stay in Russia and settle down. That’s not to say you can’t convince them to return with a little prodding; just that it might be more difficult than you imagine.


4. Russian girls don’t play games

Fact: Russian girls DO play games, especially the young ones. Flaking is by no means unheard of here, though it is rarer than what you might encounter in the west. I can’t count the number of times my foreign colleagues and I have gotten the number of a cute young girl only to have our texts and phone calls go unanswered. Girls here will often ask you what your plans are in life and try to psychoanalyze you and your answers, just like back home. Like flaking, this isn’t as widespread and is mostly confined to girls under 25 but it’s a very real phenomenon. Plenty of them will talk to you, flirt with you, dance with you and then turn their head when you go in for the kiss.


5. Russian girls are very feminine

This one is a bit more complicated. Russian girls actually are very feminine; probably the most feminine in the world. For now. Those are the key words. Russia is westernizing and laziness combined with large numbers of McDonald’s and a small but ever increasing number of hipsters means that the number of girls wearing micro mini-skirts and high heels is going down every year. On an average summer day, anywhere between 40-60 percent (depending on the city) of girls are wearing a dress. The rest stick to jeans and often sneakers. 10 years ago it was closer to 80-90 percent in skirts. In another 10 years…well, I’m not going to speculate. Don’t worry, though friends; there are still plenty of good looking feminine beauties to be had. I manage to score with them regularly.


6. Russian girls sleep around

Here we come to the crux of it. This myth has some basis in reality. Russia experienced its own version of the Summer of Love from the early 90s till 2005 or so. During these golden years, it was easy (or at least not too difficult) to have fun and sleep around with any number of bombshell beauties. That ship has long since sailed. These days most Russian girls won’t bang until the 3rd date (a lot of them don’t even want to kiss on the 1st date!). Like any rule, there are exceptions. Search hard enough and you mind one who doesn’t take things like sex and relationships too seriously, especially if they happen to be on vacation. As a rule, though, such girls rarely speak English.


7. Night game is king

Another myth based on an earlier time. Anyone who’s read news about Russia in the 1990s has likely heard tales of open sex and massive all night orgies at

The sad truth is that if night game is your bread and butter, you’re better off going to another country. The hook up culture (at least when it comes to night clubs) is dead and has been for a while. It’s so bad now that I don’t even bother go out to clubs to find girls.


About the Author

David Clavell knows Russia very well and if you want to read more articles by him, check out www.davidclavell.com



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