ukrainian girls

4 Steps to Get 60+ Dates a Month w/ Ukrainian Girls

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4 Steps to Get 60+ Dates a Month with Ukrainian Girls

ukrainian girls

While I was in Ukraine I was pretty easily able to go on 2 to 3 dates a day with Ukrainian girls. Of these dates I would end up converting a high percentage into sex. How was I able to do this? Simple. I followed 4 easy steps. These steps took a lot of experience traveling the world, seducing women and some time living in Ukraine to figure out. Now I will share with you these steps on how I was able to do so well with beautiful Ukrainian girls.


ukrainian girls

Step 1: Finding the girls

While in Ukraine I found out that it is one of the best countries that I have been to for online dating. I would put it at the #1 country in Europe and top 4 in the world. The girls online in Ukraine were absolutely stunning. I looked through the pages and saw model after model on each page. When I realized this, I knew that the secret was to use the right online dating websites.

Choosing the right dating websites

As an online dating specialist, I tried out quite a few different websites. What I found, was that 3 websites worked the best. I would recommend using all these websites to get a good balance of all the types.

#1 Recommended site: The main recommended site is this website.

This cupid site is my #1 recommended site because it is the website where I had the highest percentage of my sent messages turn into dates and eventually bangs. The girls on this website are already interested in dating a foreigner and they will take all this very seriously. By far the lowest flake rate from this website. This website makes dating models easier than it should ever be.

#2 Recommended site: Tinder

Once you arrive  in Ukraine, you should power up the Tinder application right away. A lot of girls are starting to use this and like the previous website you will find a lot of girls who are more interested in meeting a foreigner/speaking English.

#3 Recommended site:

The third dating website I recommend, that you should sign up for after the previous two, is This website is a local dating website. The girls on this website are not particularly searching for a foreigner and on here I had the lowest response rate and highest flake rate. However, I found a few hidden gems. There were some girls who didn’t know about other websites to meet foreigners or speak English so when I messaged them they were particularly excited. These few gems make this website worth it.


ukrainian girls

Step 2: Choosing photos and what to have in your profile

I have written an entire book here: Elite Online Dating on the next two steps, but I will give you more broad advice and tips particular to Ukraine in this guide.

What photos to have to attract Ukrainian girls

The first thing you want to understand is that every single one of your pictures tells a story about you. It tells them how attractive you are, how your body language is, how much money you have, where you are from, what type of life you live and many other things. Most girls will not read your profile so you want to communicate as many positive things about you as possible in your photos.

Because you will be in Ukraine, you want to upload photos that are very different. Any photos from main places in USA are very good like in time square, Vegas or LA. Ukrainian girls also love the beach so if you have some good photos of you at a tropical beach, that’s a nice photo to have in there.

You should also know something plain and simple: money is important in Ukraine. Women want men with money. This is more socially accepted in Ukraine than in most of the world. If you are going to attract Ukrainian girls, you must accept this and you must use it.

To use it you want to upload of photos of you wearing a nice looking suite or you at an expensive looking party or house. These will send the message that you are a man that is secure financially.

You also obviously want to upload photos where you look the most attractive and your body language is the most attractive. Don’t be afraid to use some touch ups with Photoshop to make you as attractive as possible (for example clearing up skin, filling in thinning hair, etc.) because the girls will be doing similar things.


Your main photo

Now that you have found a few photos that will work well in your profile you must now choose the most important part of all of this, the profile picture. This is everything because it is where most girls decide to next you or talk to you. What you are looking for is a photo that looks good small, you look attractive in and has one of the positive things that I talked about in the previous paragraphs.


Your profile

Now you must write something about yourself in your profile. Keep it short and make sure to mention where you are from, that you are living in Ukraine and some positive things about yourself that your photos weren’t able to communicate. It’s not a bad idea to have it written in English and Russian (You can use Google translate) because there may be women interested who don’t speak much English.


ukrainian girls

Step 3: What to say to Ukrainian girls online

If you used my first two recommendations, then most the girls will speak English, but on my #3 recommendation most the girls will speak only Russian. You can decide on if you want to learn the language or just use Google Translate because now it has a new update on the App that makes it so it can translate conversations in real time. It’s your choice.

With online dating, I recommend opening with a simple Hi or Priviet. The reason I don’t recommend more is because it makes you seem more try hard and will be harder to set up a date later on. The game is won and lost on the pictures you choose and the amount of women you message. So don’t worry about opening with a well thought out opener because it will appear well thought out.

From here you can follow what I talk about in my book on online dating, but basically you should be following up with normal conversation.

You: Hi

Her: Hi

You: How are you?

Her: Good and you?

You: Good, just getting used to living in your city. (Lets her know immediately that you are a foreigner, that you just arrived and that you are LIVING in her city. These are all things that most of them will like to hear.)

Her: How do you like my city? Where are you from? You are living here or just vacation?

From there just show you are a normal guy. Don’t try anything too fancy and eventually ask for her contact information, or if things are going really well, just set up a date and a time right there.


ukrainian girls

Step 4: Doing the dates and sexualizing at the right time

 The first date with Ukrainian girls

When you set up the dates with your Ukrainian girls, you want to make sure that you set up the date in a location that it becomes clear that the two of you plan to go for a walk. The reason for this is because there are Ukrainian girls that may want to use you to go to a nice restaurant or something like that. You want to clear out those girls immediately. You also don’t want to go on an expensive first date because when it seems like you are buying her, she will actually become more difficult to bed.

On the first date, just have a normal conversation. Don’t forget to tease and be fun. Towards the end of the date you MUST go for the kiss at least a few times. This was something I had to learn the hard way. Ukrainian girls want manly men and a guy that’s interested in her that doesn’t have the balls to go for the kiss is not a man in her eyes. So always go for the kiss on the first date.

Ukrainian girls are not normally slutty, so going for the sex on the first date is usually going to hurt you more than help you unless she seems particularly slutty. I only had a couple same date lays in Ukraine and a ton of 2nd and 3rd date lays.


The second date with Ukrainian girls

You had a nice walk and got to know each other. For the next date I would always plan to do something very close to where I’m staying. If she sees you again without much problem you know that she is very interested and it’s time to use that to advance the relationship. You may decide to go get a Mcdonalds shake or ice cream (something I did a ton), then walk from there back to your place. You can use a lot of excuses to go there:

“Let me show you my pictures from back home.”

“My phone will die, I need to be online for work. My apartment is very close; can we just stop by there really fast so I can charge it a bit?”

Use something like that. When you get her back to your apartment it’s time to sexualize and see how far you can go with her. Like I said earlier, Ukrainian girls are reserved so you might not get to sex, but you have shown you are a sexual guy and you let her know that it’s what you expect from a girl you are dating.

I got quite a few 2nd date lays in Ukraine, but not near as many as I got on the next date.


The third date with Ukrainian girls

For the third date it’s time to let her know that if she wants something with you she’s going to have be sexual. Don’t literally tell her that, but tell her that for the next date you will do dinner and a movie at your apartment. If she likes you, she will accept. And because of all the work you did on the second date, chances are good sex will come very easy.


ukrainian girls

 Beautiful Ukrainian girls are just a few hours away

Not only can you start talking to and seducing Ukrainian girls immediately by using the dating websites I recommended, but Ukraine is just a Plane ride away. Right now it’s the biggest bargain in Europe because of the value of dollar to the local money. It’s like 3x cheaper than it was 2 years ago.

Ukraine has a lot of things to do and you can meet Ukrainian girls while walking around or going to clubs (my favorite club in the world is in Ukraine). In terms of picking a city, the bigger the Ukrainian city, the better these 4 steps will work.

If you like thin, white, feminine women who are interested in foreign guys, then there is not a better country in the world for you (and I have been to a lot of countries). Plan your trip now.


You want to achieve what I did with Ukrainian girls?

I have written a lot of books on women and if you are interested in mastering your technique, you can now get my books for 60% off (books on how to talk to women, online dating, how to have attractive body language, how to know if a girl likes you, what women find attractive in men and a book on the real nature of women). Click here to learn more.

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