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The 3 Most Epic Lines from Don Draper (Mad Men) for Preventing other Guys from Swooping Your Girl

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The 3 Most Epic Lines from Don Draper (Mad Men) for Preventing other Guys from Swooping Your Girl

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The 3 Most Epic Lines from Don Draper

We have all been in the situation where you are trying to get a girl, then a guy steps up and tries to cock-block you. He may do this is in many ways: being a dick, calling you out on something, or sucking up to you so he can enter the group with your girl.

Don Draper is a master of using the alpha response to put other men in their place. I will count down his 3 best lines from Don Draper for dis-arming a guy that’s trying to swoop in on your girl.

Epic Line Number 3
If a guy wants a girl you are with, the most common thing he will do is try to make friends with you so that you will accept him into the group. Then, after he has been accepted, he will go after the girl. He may do this by sucking up to you at the beginning, hoping to win you over by making you feel like you will be in control. However, this all a ploy to use you to get the girl.

A similar thing happens to Don Draper, only his employee is trying to use him to climb the corporate ladder. Here is what happens:

“A man like you, I would follow into combat blind folded and I wouldn’t be the first. Am I right buddy?” The employee says; the final line to end a stream of compliments.

“Let’s take it a little slower. I don’t want to end up pregnant.” Don Draper responds and walks away.

He leaves the employees outstretched hand hanging in the air. Don Draper see’s the suck up attempt for what it is, manipulation, and makes it so the attempt actually hurt the employees chances. You should do the same thing if you notice a guy trying to suck up to you to enter the group because he wants a shot with your girl.

Epic Line Number 2
Guys will try to turn something attractive you have that they don’t into a bad thing. If they can turn your most attractive quality into a negative in the eyes of the woman, they can much more easily swoop the girl. If you want to prevent this, do what Don Draper would do.

There is a scene where he goes to a club with his mistress and an artsy guy that’s trying to steal her. They go to an artsy bar, and the guy tries to knock the rich Don Draper off his pedestal by calling him a sell out and a shitty person for working in advertising.

“How do you sleep at night?” the guy says to Don Draper.
“On a bed made of money.” Don draper replied.

He doesn’t try to defend his ways, he doesn’t back track, he just cuts through the bullshit and says basically a reason why he is better than the artsy dude. Perfect. If you have an attractive quality, whether it is charm, a good body, a pretty face, money, or an interesting life; don’t let anybody turn that attractive quality into an unattractive quality.

Epic Line Number 1
Sometimes guys will just try to be aggressive with you, saying you are an idiot or any other derogatory word. This will simply lower your value in the eyes of the girl.

The scene of Don Drapers most epic line is in an elevator where an employee is telling Don Draper he is selfish and basically an idiot. That he made the wrong decision and that the employee had the right idea.

“I feel bad for you.” Said the employee ending the rant.
“I don’t think about you at all.” Don Draper replied, then turned and walked out of the elevator.

I don't think about you don draper

The dude is left in awe. Instead of getting offended, Don Draper is completely aloof. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it is indifference. You can’t be touched because your value is so much higher. If an ant looks pissed you just stepped on his friend, you aren’t going to get angry and start exchanging insults because he is an ant and you are a human being.

If Don Draper were to continue to exchange insults with the guy, it would just waste his time and lower his value.
“I don’t think about you at all.” Is one of the most alpha lines I have ever heard. Win.

Alpha lines from Don Draper will do nothing but good for you, so go watch Mad Men. Another thing that will rub off on  you is his completely flawless body language, to understand more about this and how you can have this body language read: The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language for Men.


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