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Top 3 lesser-known cities for single men in Southeast-Asia – Guest Post

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Here is a guest post by Tim about the top 3 lesser-known cities for single men in South East Asia. Make sure to check out his website after reading.


Hello. 馃檪

This is Tim over at Goodbye Boring Life. The last three months I’ve been traveling to a lot of new locations all around Southeast-Asia. Some of these places have been awesome so I’m here today to tell you about it.

Today I want to tell you about three lesser known destinations for single men who want to have fun. With fun I mean hot girls, fun parties, good food and cheap prices!

Everyone know that Bangkok is a great city for single men in Asia. Just pull up Google and search for “top three cities for single men Asia” and there will be five different blogs telling you that Bangkok is the place to be.

So this time I’ll tell you about lesser-known places in SEA that I think is very good for single men.

I will be rating each locations after available girls, party possibilities and quality of life on a scale from 1 to 5.

Here we go! 馃榾


3: Udon Thani – Thailand

Udon Thani is a city that really surprised me.

First; It must be the cleanest city in Thailand.
Second; I like how everything is centered between Central Plaza and the train station. If you get a room close to the train station you have everything you need in walking distance.

Parties, girls and shopping.

Available girls: 4/5

Udon girls are beautiful and many. They have slightly tanned skin, big lips and beautiful eyes, They just look damn good imo.

Udon Thani is one of few bigger cities where girls will actually blush and cover their mouth when they smile. That behavior is long-gone in Bangkok and most other big cities in Thailand as tourists are as common as eating rice.

Not so much in Udon. Sure, there is a small expat community here but they are mostly older men who are already married and stay home with their families.

The place to be seen in Udon is Central Plaza. I met a ton of young sexy women here ready to date, have fun and go out drinking at nighttime.

Party possibilities: 4/5

There are many great avenues in Udon Thani. Both local waterholes and for foreigners. Udon also have a gigantic avenue called Day & Night with 30-40 beer bars packed with girls. Most of the girls working in those bars are in their thirties, but once in a while I would stumble across a newbie.

I did shore one 25 year old girl here that looked too damn good on Songkran.

What I liked the most about the nightlife in Udon Thani was the local waterhole Tawan Daen Pub. This place was full of hot girls in their 20’s ready for fun. If you can pull of some Thai language in this place you will be in the center of attention pretty damn quick.


Quality of life: 4/5

Udon Thani has to be one of the cleanest cities I’ve been to in Thailand.

That combined with beautiful Isaan women with a sexy caramel tan that blush when you talk to them make this city really good imo.

The Lao border is only 50km away with train so VISA runs would be quick and smooth if you decide to stay longtime. Laos is also one of the easiest places to get a new VISA.

Food here is amazing just like everywhere else in Thailand. People are friendly and relaxed.

Udon Thani Pros:

  • Clean and safe city
  • Tons of hot girls with caramel tan
  • Easy VISA runs

Udon Thani Cons:

  • Expat scene mostly older married guys


I don’t have that much to say about this place except that there was cute girls in their early twenties everywhere around Central Plaza. I mean everywhere. You could pull off some serious day game in this city.

If you have a room close to the mall you could bring a new girl every day.

So next time you have to do a VISA run to Laos from Bangkok, maybe stop over in this city for a couple of days before or after entering Laos.


2: Vang Vieng – Laos

Vang Vieng is a small town between Vientiane and Luang Prabang in Laos. I didn’t know anything about this place before I arrived so you can say that I was pleasantly surprised. 馃檪

When I arrived I quickly found out that this is a town where anything is tolerated. Booze, drugs and wild parties. All surrounded by untouched nature and tall mountains in all directions.

Something tells me that Vang Vieng feels a lot like how Pattaya would feel like 30 years ago when everything was much more basic, but instead of hookers you have a ton of foreign girls going nuts.

That’s at least how I felt when I got inside Sakura Bar to realize it was filled with Thai girls, Korean girls, Japanese girls and Chinese girls.

I got so many new flags on this trip.

Available girls: 5/5

The city is nothing more than two main streets and 30-ish smaller side streets. In these streets tourists pour in from all over the world in the thousands everyday, all year.

Western, Korean, Japanese, Thai, American. Whatever you want.

They all come here, and most have no idea what are sold in these bars. In daytime all the girls run around taking selfies while touring the beautiful caves and lagoons. When nighttime comes they all get wasted on free booze, marihuana and mushrooms.

So.. Imagine this…

You come along with your comfortable bachelor pad with AC and a big king size bed. The girl however stay in a cheap 10$ dorm with no AC and a ton of strangers. I’m sure any guy with a small amount of game could score a ton of flags with that setup.

In fact. A Russian dude I met and myself did turns on bringing girls back to our hotel room. We would go up to groups of girls, then one would distract the friends while the other pulled whatever girl he wanted out of the group. This had a 50% success rate every night.

Party possibilities: 4/5

Vang Vieng have a great but small party scene. There are two bars that are very popular, Sakura Bar and Viva Pub.

Both of these bars have one hour of totally free whisky every night. There is no catch. From 8-9 pm there are free drinks at Sakura Bar and from 9-10 pm there are free drinks at Viva pub.

Every day there was a train of people walking from Sakura Bar and Viva pub to contine drinking for free. Good times!

Drugs are sold blatantly in several bars in Vang Vieng. As long as you consume the drugs in the bar you will have no issues.

To read more about the nightlife in Vang Vieng I made a full guide back at Goodbye Boring Life. It has much more details with maps and video.


Quality of life: 3/5

Vang Vieng is a very rural town. Outside the city center there is really nothing else but nature and some really small villages who don’t even have electricity.

When I came here I planned to stay 3 days, but I spent much longer as I really liked the place. Some days it could be a little bit dusty, but I solved that with a medical mask.

The food is cheap and tasty, a lot of Thai inspired food here. They also sell dirt cheap burgers outside every bar in town for all the wasted people having munchies.

If you like nature and sports you would love this place as there are plenty of things to do. Kayaking, climbing, paragliding, 10 – 15 explorable caves, lagoons and mountain tops.

There is also a small expat community in town. There are two groups of expats. Hard working motivated expats trying to start up different businesses around town and professional drug addicts working in the bars in return of free booze, a place to stay and food.

Vang Vieng Pros:

  • Good nightlife with some really awesome bars
  • Marihuana, mushrooms and opium are tolerated and sold in the bars
  • Girls from all over the world coming in for 3-4 days trips. Take your pick.

Vang Vieng Cons:

  • No airport
  • Slow internet everywhere
  • Dusty
  • Lack modern facilities



Vang Vieng do lack some basic facilities like a good international hospital, a modern shopping mall with AC and and airport. I heard rumours that the hospital was as good as your first aid kit by some of the expats living there so don’t get sick guys!

It’s also far inland from any beaches where you can cool down. Because of that I could never live here permanently. But coming here for 1-3 months to get some flags and go on a bender would be welcoming.

1: Koh Chang – Thailand

Koh Chang is my favorite place in Thailand. It just got a good balance of everything you need in life to be happy.

Girls, decent nightlife with occasional spikes, lax enforcement on Thailands strict drug laws, a charming monger scene, amazing desolate beaches, rivers, untouched nature and a real tropical island vibe.

I was on Koh Chang for the first time in 2012. I’ve been back every year, and even stayed here for longer periods. I’m actually at Koh Chang as I write this. 馃檪

Another good aspect with Koh Chang is that it doesn’t happen something every night. The island is to small for that. If you are running several online businesses like I do or work online, this island is a good place to get shit done.

The periods I stay in Bangkok I almost never get anything done because something happens all the time.

Koh Chang is close to the Cambodian border so VISA runs are easy from Koh Chang if you decide to stay long time.

Available girls: 4/5

Koh Chang have a little bit of everything. Thai girls, Western girls and a lot of Khamer girls.

The best way to find a date here is to eat in the restaurants at the 4 and 5 star resorts. There are a ton of hot girls working in these resorts. They are all bored to death when they finish work so asking them out is not hard.

Up north on the island the tourists who come are mostly couples and families, so here you will have very little competition.

Another great way to find girls on Koh Chang is by shoring bar girls in the beer bars around the island. Just like the hotels the bar girls are bored.

Koh Chang have extremely many beer bars for its size so you have a good chance of having the entire bar for yourself. I would say most of the bar girls who work in the beer bars here are from Cambodia, and not Thailand.

That’s great because they actually know how to speak English. Speaking with a Khamer girl is almost like speaking with a girl from the Western world, but who kept her femininity and gentleness.

I love Khamer girls.

There are also a small group of Western women south on the island around Lonely Beach. I’ve met a couple of cute Western girls here but don’t bet on in. Most of them are fat and with bad taste in tattoos. Gross..

Party possibilities: 3/5

The party situation on Koh Chang is primitive, but also great fun at times. The two nightclubs at Lonely beach – Himmel Bar and TingTong Bar – get pretty full every night after midnight – even in low season.

There are also occasional spikes in the nightlife on Koh Chang. Lonely Beach has several festivals during the year with big parties on the beach.

Marihuana laws are rarely enforced. You can buy ready made joints in TingTong Bar at Lonely Beach for 200 baht. As long as you smoke it in the bar, or bring back to your bungalow you will never get a problem with the police. My local friends tell me that the police don’t enforce drugs laws south on the island.

Quality of life: 6/5

Tropical vibe, fresh air, untouched nature, cool rivers, endless amount of beaches, several other smaller islands to explore, riding motorcycles, go diving and snorkeling, go trekking, go hiking, go kayaking, learn to cook Thai food, go fishing ++..

Have two or three girls on rotation.

Be happy.

Koh Chang Pros:

  • Tropical island
  • Awesome vibe
  • Lax drug law enforcement
  • Tons of girls for its size
  • Very friendly locals
  • Easy visa runs

Koh Chang Cons:

  • Mosquito capital of Thailand
  • Occasional power cuts in rainy season



As I’ve already stated Koh Chang is my favorite place in Thailand. It has a good mix of everything a single man need to be happy.

Women, nightlife, lax police, beaches, nature, chill vibe and much more.

Sure if you compare Koh Chang to Bangkok the women selection is nothing. However that’s not really important for me. Why? If I have 2 million women or 1000 women potensial girls available for hook ups doesn’t really matter.

What I do care about however is the environment I’m meeting them in and how it affect the girls mood. Bangkok might have many girls, but a lot of the girls are not happy because they live in a dirty, polluted city with tons of noise pollution away from family and friends. Not a good place to enjoy life if you ask me.

On Koh Chang the vibe is very different, and you are much more likely to have a great time with whatever girl you find.


If you want more stuff like this you can visit my blog at Goodbye Boring Life. I try to have one or two posts out every week. Sometimes more too.

Hope to see you on the road!

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