what is game

What is Game?

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What is Game?

what is game

Most people who use game don’t really understand what game really is, so I will make it more simple and put together all the components of game. So, What is game?

Amplifying your attractive qualities

Having looks, money, and status are all things that are attractive, but they are not forms of game. They are just assets. However, being able to put yourself in a situation where you can use your looks, money, and status to your advantage is game. For example, you may be good looking but if you approach girls from behind and don’t let them get a good look at you, you will trigger a bad impression before your good looks have a chance to sink in. You may have money, but if you don’t show you have money than you may lose the girl before she even knows you are rich. A form of game is knowing to dress like you have money. You may be world renowned in your craft, but if she is not into your craft than she will never know this. Being able to let her know this without coming off as bragging is game. A way to do this is to take her on a date that she will learn about this thing, or to hint at it in a funny story. This part of game is called amplifying your attractive qualities.


Personality Attributes

In my book Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You I talk about 14 personality attributes that are attractive to women. Whether or not people with these attributes are aware that they are doing game, it is still game.
Some examples of these personality attributes are being desired by women, fearless, mysterious, dangerous, fun and charming.



You may be the best looking guy in the world with all the money and personality attributes in the world, but if you don’t put yourself in a good position with the girl, it will mean nothing. If a girl really likes you, it is clear but suddenly she must go because she just got a call that her mom is in the hospital she will split before you know what happened. Running after her and getting her number, or getting some form of contact beforehand is logistics. If you meet a girl, and you have gamed her perfect and she is way into you, but you live 2 hours away and she’s about to fall asleep, there goes your chance to be with her that night, and all because you didn’t have logistics game. Going to a place that is 90% guys to pick of girls is another example of bad logistics. A solid understanding of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs will help you understand the things a girl needs to have met before she can be gamed.


Creating attraction in the moment

My book about understanding sexual attraction also gives a bunch of tips on ways to do this, but I will tell you the most powerful form of creating attraction in the moment, teasing. Make sure to do this often with girls, but in addition to teasing there are many other ways to do this that you can read about in my book.

Body Language

Having solid body language is a subconscious way of signaling many of your attractive qualities. Because women subconsciously use your body language as a lie detector, if your body language is not in sync with your attractive qualities, she will not believe them to be true. On the other hand if your body language surpasses your attractive qualities, she will perceive you to have more attractive qualities than you have. Thus having good body language is another form of game.

Reading Her

You need to know when to make your moves, if they are into you, and how much. Once you know this you can make your moves accordingly.

Making her comfortable

Making her comfortable around you and being able to trust you is important in any relationship. If you seem like a serial killer, even if she is attracted to it, her desire to live will overthrow everything else. Not being weird and building rapport are two of the best ways to do this.

Escalation to Sex and Beyond

Understanding how to comfortably go from first talking with a girl all the way past sex is a very important component of game. There are tricks and things you will learn that can help a woman become comfortable touching you. You must start small and touch more and more and in more vital places as the relationship goes on. Then to kissing and more.

Disarming LMR (Last Minute Resistance)

Once you get to sex, you must know how to make it all the way. Very few girls will let you get to sex without putting up some LMR.

Skills to Meet New Girls

Having the ability to meet new girls in the 4 different categories: online game, day game, night game, and social circle game. Part of game is being able to start a conversation with a girl you sit next to on a bus and close with her number or a date. You need to be able to attract and pull a girl at a club or bar. Internet game is a way you can meet girls without ever leaving your home. These three fields of meeting girls are all part of game. The easier it is for you to meet new attractive girls, the better your game is in this area.


Now that I have answered the question “What is game?” Another popular question is what is attraction and how can you make yourself more attractive to women, I answer that in my book Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You

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