Last Minute Resistance

THC’s Top 10 Tips On Last Minute Resistance (LMR)

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Last Minute Resistance (LMR)

You went on a date, you built attraction, you built comfort, you’ve used a lame excuse to end up at your place and now you’re on the bed making out. Things are going smoothly, when suddenly… she stops you.

“No” / “Stop!” / “We can’t!” / “We’re not going to have sex”

When a girl throws an objection right before sex it’s called Last Minute Resistance.

As a man you should always push for the Same Night Lay (SNL) and escalate things sexually as far as you can. You should never hide nor downplay your sexuality. Hiding your sexuality frames you as a provider, not a a lover.

For a woman on the other hand it’s important not to be “too easy”. Being selective with their partners is an attractive trait for women, so it’s in their interest to be a challenge and not to sleep with someone “they just met”.

After sex there is a power shift from the woman to the man. Generally before sex, it’s the man trying to get laid; after sex it’s the woman trying to get commitment.

I won’t go into the WHY of LMR in this post but rather on how to deal with it. Her Last Minute Resistance can range from “zero LMR” (she doesn’t even bother to pretend), to “token LMR” (minimal, transparent resistance that’s easily overcome), to full on 10 on 10 “hardcore LMR” (you will have to use every technique in the book to bust through it).

Going for the SNL and taking things sexually fast often means the chances you run into hefty LMR increase. That’s why LMR is such an important part of your game. I consider it one of the critical elements of game to master in order to take your skills with women to the next level.

In this post I’ll discuss the top 10 techniques I use to overcome different levels of Last Minute Resistance. Many of these aren’t stand-alone techniques but rather different tools that you put in your “LMR-toolbox”. Together these techniques help you bust through even the toughest LMR girls throw at you.


1) PRE-process LMR prevention

Last Minute Resistance prevention

Overcoming LMR can actually start before you even reach the bedroom. There are some things you can do during your date that will help reduce LMR.

You should build enough comfort. Create a feeling that you know each other well. One way to do this is to change to different venues during the date. You visit various locations, or do different activities.

I will take girls for a drink in one bar, maybe have the second drink in another bar; then I take them to a store to buy something I need; then take them back to my place (for some invented reason, like dropping off the thing we just bought). This way there’s a perception we’ve already spent more time together and she’ll be more comfortable when things start to escalate. It helps her to rationalize that’s she is not being “too easy” and hence reduce the chances or amount of Last Minute Resistance.


2) IN-process LMR prevention

in-process-Last Minute Resistance prevention

This technique you can use during sexual escalation.

While you’re doing the obvious 2 steps forward, 1 step back, right when you anticipate her starting the LMR; you bring up your own fake objection before she gets the chance to.

You stop the escalation before she does and say something like: “Wow, this is getting too hot / too dangerous.”

Of course this just part of your “1-step back” and you’ll continue with the “2-steps forward”; but now the words have already been said and you took the wind from her sails. These mixed signals will help throw her off and keep her in an emotional state.


3) Freeze-outs

Free-outs to beat Last Minute Resistance

The classic freeze-out may be the single best technique to overcome LMR.

If during sexual escalation you hit a hurdle and your progress seems to be blocked (i.e. you can’t take a step forward), don’t keep trying the same thing over and over. This is a sure way to ruin your chances at getting the lay.

What you do instead is completely stop the sexual escalation all together and suddenly go cold on her. Stop kissing and hugging her, switch on the lights, sit up straight and start checking your phone or laptop.

Do NOT do this in an angry or frustrated way!

The idea is to let her feel you’re not going to reward her with attention and closeness if there’s no progress in the sexual escalation.

By making this a clear contrast, she will start missing your affection. She realizes your attention is not unconditionally on her terms. Let her come back to you.

If she makes the first move (e.g. she starts touching your arm again or starts kissing you), you can continue with the escalation. If she doesn’t re-initiate herself, just keep this distant mode for a while, then find some kind of trigger to start it up again.

This process of freeze-outs may have to repeated several times. I’ve had girls where I had to do a freeze-out for nearly every piece of clothing that had to come off. It’s can be very demanding and tiring, but the times I was to lazy to bust through her LMR I always regretted it afterwards (read some stories here).


4) Agree with your words, ignore with your body

Last Minute Resistance - Agree Technique

This technique is similar to technique number 3. But this time it’s as a response to her objections.

When your girl starts saying “No” or “We can’t do this”, do NOT disagree with her. Do NOT respond with anything even remotely resembling logic. Disagreeing with her “Sure we can” or “Why not?” will trigger her logical brain to respond and that’s not the one we want active right now.

In stead you AGREE with whatever she’s saying “I know, we shouldn’t…” or “I know, we really can’t” while you continue whatever you are doing.

This way her ‘logical brain’ is hearing what it should hear and you keep her in an emotional state.


5) Promise that you’re not going to have sex

Last Minute Resistance baby steps and promises

For some girls the LMR is generic and after one or two freeze-outs, you’re able to get them naked and close the deal. Other girls you will have you work for every single step in the right direction and for every piece of clothing that has to come off.

This means her logical brain is still in charge. She knows that taking off her pants or blouse will lead to sex so she’s making it an obstruction.

By verbalizing the promise that you’re not going to have sex with her, you may help to eliminate that obstruction.

It puts her logical mind at rest. Now she can rationalize: “Okay, since we’re not going to have sex (he promised), I guess it’s okay to take off my pants.”

Just break it down in baby steps and keep confirming that whatever you are doing is just to feel close to her or make things more comfortable. E.g. “I’m just gonna take of your belt, it’s bothering me like this (while making out). We’re not gonna have sex, I swear.”

Repeat your promise at every step. Some girls really cling on to this form of LMR; I’ve promised girls we’re not gonna gonna have sex while we’re both naked and I’m rubbing my dick on her wet pussy. It’s a form of the “Just the tip” game.

“Just the tip, just for a minute, just to see what it feels like”


6) Take off her pants & her panties at the same time

Over come Last Minute Resistance and take off pants and panties

This technique is as simple as it is GREAT.

Once her panties come off, you’re golden. Sex is happening. It’s the last and most critical hurdle between you and sex.

Not surprisingly some girls will hold on to this final barrier and you wouldn’t be the first guy to lose the race this close to the finish line. So why risk this stumbling block if you can avoid it all together?

Whenever I take off a girls pants, I always take of her panties in the same go. It doesn’t work always but this technique has proved it’s worth so many times and has saved me so much effort.

Use this opportunity to save you a lot of LMR-work!


7) Get naked yourself

Beat Last Minute Resistance by getting naked first

If you get stuck while undressing your girl at a particular piece of clothing, or even if she won’t let you take off any of her clothing at all; you still have the option of getting completely naked yourself.

I’ll say “It’s too hot in here”, then get naked in front of her.

She’s now making out with a naked man, this may excite her enough to tip the scale and make her forget about why she was resisting in the first place.


8) The boner-technique

Last Minute Resistance: The Boner Technique

In the same line as technique number 7, a key element to bust through her Last Minute Resistance is to get her so hot and horny she just forgets about her LMR. And what better way to get her fire started than to let her feel your hard dick.

Even if she doesn’t take of her clothes, rub your dick against her through her clothing, this works even better if you’re wearing lose fitting clothing. Make your dick get stuck behind her belt or whatever. Then take her hand and put it on your dick.

Not many girls are able to resist once they’ve had your hard dick in their hands.


9) Advanced: “Let me feel your pussy!”

Last Minute Resistance: Let me feel your pussy!

This technique is credited to Fisto, who taught it to me. It’s an advanced one and not recommended if you’re starting out.

You need to be able to be both read the situation and her body language perfectly. This technique is applicable (and often required) for girls that respond well to caveman type game.

When you know she’s horny enough but she can’t give up the act and won’t let you get near her pussy, you tell them firmly: “Let me feel your pussy.” and just put your hand on her pussy anyway and start rubbing it.

Some girls just want and respond to this “overpower” thing. You should always be able to tell whether it’s real or pretend-resistance as part of the seduction play between a man and a women (you don’t need to apply full force to do this).

The times I’ve used this technique her pussy was already soaking wet and pushing through that moment to start rubbing it was the tipping point to make her give up her Last Minute Resistance and completely let go.


10) The “feelings-card” & the dramatic look-away

Playing the feelings card to overcome Last Minute Resistance

When freeze-outs alone and a combination of the other techniques don’t work, I sometimes throw in the “feelings/emotions-card”. This technique works best on good girls.

It’s a reversal of roles where you take her back at her own game. I make up some emotional bullshit and play the hurt feelings guy.

This only works if you already established yourself as a very sexual guy to her. If not this technique will surely backfire big time. If after a few regular freeze-outs, I still can’t overcome her LMR, I’ll say a line like this:

“You know… I really thought we had a connection. But now *dramatic pause* I don’t know… *more pause* …I just feel stupid. *cue dramatic look-away*

The dramatic look-away is where you look away like your feelings are really hurt. You can really lay it on there. Think off a scene from the “Bold and the Beautiful”.

You can follow up if required with:

“I just don’t like to play games. When I feel something, I just can’t hide it. I have to show it.” (i.e. framing her LMR as a game being played on you)

She has to know that by denying sex she’s destroying the special connection you both share (or may share). After she realizes that in order to keep this connection she has to give up sex, you can start your escalation again where you left it.

I remember this time where I was sitting naked next to this girl who was still fully dressed when I delivered this line, including a very overacted look-away. My acting was so horrible I nearly made myself laugh. I started biting my fist to stop myself from smiling; ironically this made my “emotional look-away” seem even more intense. The girl got so concerned she was now ready to do everything to proof that she wasn’t playing games on me.

It’s a tricky technique and not an easy one to apply, but if used correctly it can be a very effective one.


In summary

There’s a ton more I’d like to talk about regarding Last Minute Resistance and plenty more tips but that will be content for another post.

You’ll need to combine these techniques together, switch them up, and get a feeling for when which technique is most suited. This takes experience.

Improving your LMR skills will reward itself. It will allow you consistently get the SNL and this in turn establishes you with a strong frame as a LOVER to her. Her attraction for you will be higher because you were able to bypass her logical/cultural brain and connect directly to her emotional brain.

So keep this list in mind, and next time you’re facing LMR I hope these techniques will help you bash through it!

If you got some interesting LMR stories, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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